Need help with putting together a defense team

Hey everyone! i’m having a little trouble deciding which heroes of mine would be best for defense, both in regular raids as well as field-aid wars. these are my strongest heroes below

Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

Hi; a thread that may be of interest: 5* heroes positioning guide

That being said my $0.02 would be to run:
Fenrir - Clarissa - Justice - Sartana - Marjana

Makes use of the “yurple” setup where you play off the innate resistance that Yellow and Purple heroes have to their own colour. So if a player stacks purple against Justice, they will be weak tiled against Clarissa and Sartana in the flanks.

Justice is not a BRILLIANT tank but she is solid. The only real downside I have with the lineup suggested is the clash of emblems between Justice and Clarissa. But for now, that is a relatively minor issue.

@Guvnor makes some nice suggestions.

I personally would use Elkanen tank, especially if your alliance runs green tanks for war. He’s fast speed and can stay alive with his self-heal, which buys time for flanks/wings to fire.

Sartana - Joon - Elkanen - Marjana - Fenrir

I personally don’t prefer Fenrir on defense but he’s your best blue option. If you are to put Fenrir on defense, I think it makes the most sense to put him on right wing position. This increases the chances that he will fire his special skill after other heroes have already fired, which will increase his chances of targeting an attacking hero who has less than 50% hp. Also fighter class typically performs well in wing position.

@Guvnor and @B1gHeadAss

Thanks for your input guys! definitely given me some things to consider! i’ll have a closer look at the hero positioning guide too.

Just to add on, will it be detrimental to my defense team if i don’t have a healer on it? right now i don’t have any 5 star healers but elkanen and fenrir can self heal albeit to a limited extent


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I personally don’t like pure healers on defense like Vivica and Raffaele. I think it’s better to have heroes that heal and do other stuff too. One of the reasons why Telluria is/was the best tank in game is b/c he heals (heal over time), pseudo-heals (summons minions), deals dmg (although minor), and slows enemy mana generation. Pure healers can work but aren’t nearly as effective as heroes who can heal and do other stuff as well.

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