Which hero is best flank for Justice? Help me please

I got Justice today seems she is a good tank
I need tank, I got Vivica before and wanted to use her but now I can not choose.
I want to know if I use Justice as tank which hero can be the best using with her.
Add two things I have enough Martial to have another holy full leveled legendary and have enough material for other legendary either. And I want to have Malosi in my defence team too. Please help me, thanks


I personally would go with Vivica over Justice… Mainly because Vivica will be more useful in more places than Justice…

Justice has limited uses on Offence & is an average to low-grade tank… One of the better Season 1 options but not very good at all.

In your position I would look at using RICHARD as your tank (when he’s maxed).

In terms of a defence team set-up I might suggest the following:

Sonya -- Costume Rigard -- Malosi -- Wilbur -- Lianna
Sonya -- Malosi -- Costume Quintus -- Wilbur -- Lianna

Zocc -- Costume Rigard / Costume Quintus -- Richard -- Malosi -- Lianna

Just my $0.02


Two of your suggestion does not have healer.
Second Wilbur as right flank does work? I mean something bother me is the problem with place of Wilbur and C Rigard as flank both are better as left flank and could not decide which one.
All player mention Quintos as trash and Zocc is not good for defence because can not control mana increase in defence team.
Thanks for your answer :heart:

I don’t think healers are necessary on defence personally. That’s just my opinion.

All my defences I have tried work better with another hero in the place of a healer… Healers are too situational & the AI sucks at situational. Additionally, in my own offence raids, healers don’t stand out as having caused any issues for me personally.

Much of the positioning is for lack of a better option if that makes sense?

  • Is Wilbur an ideal flank? No… Is there a better Red flank? also no.

  • Is Quintus a fantastic hero? No. Is Quintus a better hero than Obakan (your other purple 5* option)? Yes absolutely IMO.

  • Is Zocc great on defence? Not really. Could use a largely emblemed Caedmon or Melendor if you wished.

In the end, early & midgame defence teams is more about setting the best you’re able to… not the best ever.

End game it becomes more about choosing the best option you have but that comes with time & depth.


Should add I do have enough material for ascend 2 dark legendary, I mean I have 12 royal tabrad
and I have enough matrial for blue and red legend too, I just wait for better hero that is why I did not ascend Richard or Quintos or Elena
And I have material for another holy hero too
But I can not get good one I mean if I find best choice I can full ascend easily

I agree about not using healer with u

You can definitly wait for a better option :slight_smile:

In purple given you already have 12 tabards I would probably make use of one set of them.
Between Quintus & Obakan I would go Quintus. More damage, attack debuff (via costume). Obakan is just soooo lackluster :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally would ascend Richard now. He’s honestly a pretty solid hero, both on defence and offence. There are definitly better options but he’s still good.


You know I agree with Richard myself but I vote for Justice for two reason
First when I face with team that has Justice as tank that is huge problem and always loss
Second I saw a video here about underrated 5* tank list and second one was Justice and say many things about her . You can watch it too.
I have to ask another thing, what I said about Wilbur I did not mean he is best choice I want to tell you one of the biggest problem of mine is choosing between c Rigard and Wilbur for right and left flank. You said Rigard left Wilbur right , what is the reason? I mean Wilbur can decrease defence, it is not better to have more hero after him for attack
Help me out about this

Oh I agree that she’s an underrated tank. I’m just saying that she isn’t any real use ELSEWHERE…

For your early 5* heroes you ascend you should be going for VERSATILITY as your primary objective… Heroes who you can and will use in MANY places… Not just as a defence team tank…

Between Vivica & Justice:

  • Titans – Vivica = healing. Justice = useless
  • Raids – Vivica = healing & survival. Justice = mediocre damage
  • Defence – Vivica = acceptable Flank/ wing. Justice = acceptable tank
  • PVE (events, map etc…) – Vivica = healing & survival. Justice = mediocre damage.

So overall, Vivica completely trumps Justice in terms of usefulness.

Doesn’t really matter which is left and which is right flank between Rigs & Wilbur.
If you want to go Wilbur Left and Rigs right flank than it’ll work just as well.
Benefit of Rigard left side is that he’ll cleanse your team sooner in the firing order. Means that he’ll clear out any attack debuff or the like applying to your team as well as giving the attack buff :slight_smile:


The reason behind this is that AI fires from left to right defensively. Thus, having Rigard at left flank would have a high probability for him to cleanse the entire team that may have been afflicted by status ailments like attack down or some DoT that when Rigard fires from the left flank, heroes to his right would be able to maximize their potential when they fire their skill unhampered by most afflictions.

The insights provided by @Guvnor is a gift. Take it.

Yea I agree with u about usage of Vivica over Justice
How about using her as tank?

Too slow and doesn’t do anything :stuck_out_tongue:

Richard is my pick of your heroes for tank.

So Vivica or Justice?
I want to level up one of them

best is not tu use justice, she really needs some improvement

I would level up Vivica between her and Justice.

I’m leveling up my Justice a year later after getting her, just so I can use her in Rush Attack (and I’m really out of yellow options anyways).

I still vote for Vivica :stuck_out_tongue:

As I said, versatility is king.

I’ll add another vote for Vivicia over Justice. Viv can be used everywhere to good effect. Justice is really only good as a tank, and Richard would make a much better tank . Also, if you get Viv’s costume, she becomes even more useful by applying a defense debuff. Justice still doesn’t have a costume. (Now watch, as soon as you get Viv to 4/80, Justice’s costume will come out and make her the best S1 hero of all!)

Option 3 is use the pig. Heimdall is the only better option than the pig in terms of that sweet overheal.

This is my autofarm team and my normal defense. Lianna - C. Elena - Bursti - Isarnia or Richard - C. Rig

Would strongly advise not using Darts on Justice and working on 4* depth first.

I only see 7 maxed 4*'s. I would work towards having at least 3-5 maxed 4*'s of each color before working on 5*'s. I would max Guillenbursti, Peters, Grimm, Cheshire Cat and BT first. Then Triton, Kiril, Sumle. Might as well finish Kashhrek as well since you already ascended him. And even after that, I still wouldn’t use darts on Justice.

I use Justice as my tank, but she is not used anywhere else, and I maxed Vivica first (and Joon second) before her. Those two I use everywhere else.

Prior to that I used Marjana as tank and prior to that was Boldtusk. With BT I could reach (but not hold) diamond.

With Justice I can generally hold around 2500 cups. I also have Ariel and Costumed Elena flanking her. My war tank is C.Elena, we tank red (for the most part).

I can’t really see Malosi being that effective on defense. He needs control over who he targets, rather than random. He may be ok for now until a better option comes along. But Malosi and Justice both on defense just invites stacking dark.

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