Need help with 3* blue hoarding

I can’t decide which blues to get rid of and it’s bringing me down.

I have:
Ulmer, with costume
Karil, with costume
Valen, with costume
Gunnar, with costume

Ulmer is slow so he seems like I should ditch him, but he has a sweet attack.
Which would you discard, if any?

What teams would you form?

BTW, there’s some stuff here too–

Karil is out…the others have their uses.


Honestly, all of those are useful. Ulmer in a rush tournie, he’s a murderer.


In my honest opinion, keep one copy of each. When you have built your ideal blue 3* mono team then decide what to feed off

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I second @Chadmo and @JGE, you should keep them all, and they all have their uses. It’s the same reason why I keep at least one of every hero. Even if you don’t see an immediate use, you never know what you need in the future.


I’m with @Rduke77, and I recommend ditching Karil.

Here’s my problem with Ulmer–He does very minor damage and reduces defense on heroes that I’m not even ready to bring down. In offense, Valen serves me better even in Very Fast scenarios. I don’t have time to play debuff in Very Fast tourneys when my people are dropping. I find it’s far more valuable to bring down a single target. Ulmer does not hit like a truck; he just debuffs. Good for defense, I’m sure, but there are alternatives (Gunnar) so I’m not sure I care enough.

So the next question is–Will you actually get around to leveling Ulmer, or will you always be drawing more appealing blues to level for the next 3 years? Is Ulmer at level 1? If so, when will you actually level him? If you already know you’ll always have better things to do, then you may as well scrap him. You’ll draw him again later anyway. He’s not hard to come by.

All this being said, I have no experience fighting with or against Ulmer’s costume or costume bonus.

Gato has his uses, and it’s nice to have more than one 3* blue sniper.

The others I’m a fan of, and I recommend you keep them all. Even if you don’t use them soon and it takes 8 months before you start on them, they are valuable.

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Thanks for the thoughts!

All of the heroes are leveled (including the costumes).

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Check out the top 100 in the rare tier challenge events. They use costumed Gunnar (where Ulmer is already redundant and has subpar defense debuff), Nordri, and shockingly, costumed Karil. You don’t see much of the rare ice snipers used in the monthly challenge events, unless you don’t strive to improve your rankings.

Here is my rare ice roster:

I had 4 maxed Gatos. Fed 2 of them. Will be feeding some of them to free some roster space.


I have kept all of those. My event team is Gunnar, Nordri, Karil, Gato and Chick. Ulmer can be great for fast mana tourneys. Valen is the most useless

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Until you level a second Nordri, I’d still keep Karil. Paried with Nordri he can usually kill 2 heroes and severely wound the third. Sure you won’t be using him much outside of rush, but if Ulmer gets a pass, Karil certainly deserves to stay.

Now if and when you level a second Nordri, then we can have a conversation about whether to ditch Karil in favor of Nordri #2.

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Doesn’t Nordri and Karil with costume bonus do more damage than double Nordri? He may be useful to keep for rare challenge events and such.

Obviously a second Nordri is great for Mythic Titans, etc.


KirilC + Nordri is how you place in 3* challenge events.

As a general rule of thumb, I feed S1 heros over the rest since you know you’ll pull those again.

Only if you can find a way to disguise Kiril as a 3*…

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Good idea!

Current leaders (I may update if I get the energy)

  1. Gunnar, Nordri, 3x Karil-C
  2. Gunnar, Nordri, Chick, Karil, Gato
  3. Gunnar, Ulmer-C, Nordri, 2x Karil
  4. Gunnar, Nordri, Karil, Karil-C, Gato
  5. Gunnar, Nordri, 2xKaril, Chick
    Ulmer-C next shows up rank 13.
    Valen-C first shows up rank 22.

Of course, I don’t know how to finish it up without using Frosty (maybe they just keep replaying levels until they get an awesome blue board?)

Edit: 3d later, with just 1d left in the Fables:

  1. Gunnar, Nordri, 2x Karil-C, Gato
  2. Gunnar, Ulmer-C, Nordri, Karil, Chick
  3. Gunnar, Nordri, Karil, Karil-C, Gato
  4. Gunnar, Nordri, Ulmer-C, Gato, Chick
  5. Gunnar, Nordri,Karil, Gato, Chick
    Jarvur first shows up in #14
    Valen-C first shows up in #28

Well, now you see why I propose leaving Karil in your roster, opposing some posters in this thread suggesting to eliminate Karil :blush:

Chick Jr. at +16 talents all sword path has 613 attack stat and deals 180% damage to all. That has a total more damage than highly emblemed costumed Ulmer

No you don’t. Kiril is 4* and is ineligible in rare tier challenge events.


Chill everyone OBVIOUSLY I meant Karil. Kiril isn’t even on his list. Can you seriously not infer that?

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Of course, but it’s much more amusing not to :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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this was the reason I never bothered leveling Ulmer. But I did once his costume came up. They do a deadly combo now.

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Marginally more so, like <10% worth. But with double Nordris I can basically keep the elemental debuff going forever if I alternate firing them, and I value that more than slightly higher damage but without any secondary effects.

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