Who to keep

I’ve got
Two costume Karils both less than 300 power
Gunnar will I’m planning on leveling
Ulmer whom I think I’ll keep but he’s not leveled at all.
Graymane fully leveled no emblems

Should I dump one of the Karils and keep them all? Graymane was my first 3 Star but he’s not that great.

Thanks for any info

I use Gunnar karil and ulmer. I have fed away all greymanes. He can work for now.


even if you are a newer player, you don’t need that many 3*. unless you really want to keep one of each hero, Graymane can go (even his costume is not that stellar, so you miss nothing).

And one Karil should be enough. (he can be quite useful in challenge events, his costume special can help finish off mobs)

I agree with your wish to keep Ulmer as well, his defense down is useful.

Your first 3* was Bane. You think you can come here and lie to us and expect us to help you??!?!

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I’m guessing OP meant first blue 3*?

I was just kidding, anyway

Sorry, I was just being protective of newer players :sweat_smile:

Lol my first blue 3*. I think he’s pretty good though

Costume Gunnar + costume Ulmer are key for challenge events.
Karil is useful, but possibly replaceable. One will be enough, when you find someone good to take his place.
Graymane is to be replaced, but only when you get someone to replace him.
But keep 5 ascended blue 3* heroes to be able to build a mono team, so feed them only when you get a replacement.
Good blue 3* to be hunted are: Nordri (essential, he is the only blue EDD), Chick jr, this guy from Kalevala and healers: Helo, Frosty, g. Lemur.


I make Top 1000 in Rare event everytime with this.

If anything I’d probably swap Gato for another Karil.

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I have base Gunnar and Ulmer but two costume Karils so maybe I should keep both then. Do you use that team as defense and attack for the rare events or does that not matter for events?

Personally, I only keep one of each 3* hero… Unless it’s Treevil… Or Faiez.

And if you do get Gato be sure to put a hero either side of him. HIs ailment block is pretty useful and effects himself and nearby heroes.

Just one gamer’s opinion

Game Well :sunglasses:

In my honest opinion you don’t need 2 x Karil not even in costume

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You may also want to slow down with the limit breaks and save some mats for 4 and 5*

I haven’t used any limit breaks yet. I don’t even have a 4* fully leveled.

That was an example offered by @Cheds to the OP

If you look at the top 100 in almost any event, you will see almost the same team, only Ulmer is to the left of Nordri, and instead of Gato there can be other hitters (Chick, second Karil or like)
In CF2 it changed a bit, probably because there is a reflect blue stage :wink: only about half of top teams look like this.

Yeah it’s all different flavours of the same soup.

I tried Ulmer and Nordri flipped, didn’t really make a lot of difference as it’s Karil that finishes them. Gato used to good for sniping a single mob left on low health but it rarely ever happens now (LBing has removed that it seems)

So I’d go Karil + Karil as I think that’s probably the most damage output I can put into the bosses.

I finished 250th last time so it’s pretty unnecessary but you need to stay on it in case SGG up the health of bosses or something

I got my posts confused. Sorry about that.

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