What would you do if the game throws tanks at you?

So I just pulled Krampus yesterday (I know, lucky me) und I am unsure what I should do now.

I am vc2p but got lucky with pulls with regards to tanks. My current defense is:

Alberich +19 / Black Knight +19 / Aegir +20 / Sartana +16 / Joon +20

I think Krampus is the better tank but I am missing a good red flank for him because BK is not fitting in this case: both have taunt and their attack buffs override each other.

Other possible heroes I have in my rooster are

  • Lianna +19
  • Magni +18
  • Ariel +10
  • Domitia +9
  • Elena +1
  • Vivica Costume (Cleric Emblems are with Ariel, Hansel and Rigard)
  • Justice
  • Leonidas
  • Noor
  • Azlar

I could strip Magni for Elena or BK for Azla but have the feeling I would rather weaken my defense with that despite Krampus as tank.

Anyone good suggestions for a defense team?

I don’t think putting Krampus at tank is worth all the switching you’ll be doing. I am certain your current defense keeps you in diamond…seems like a lot for perhaps a small improvement. That said, I’d still ascend Kramp for depth…he’s that good.

I think this defense is weak to a blue stack, even a green one. Sonya can punish hard your BK and Aegir and green has lot of dispel options too. I feel that defense is a little bit passive, though its a matter of playstyles.

Regarding Krampus. I think he could make a better job than Aegir on offense and in a hypotetic defense team.

I would keep that defense but i would swap aegir for Magni

and shuffle

alberich magni bk sartana joon


Lianna, Ariel, BK, Sartana, Joon
Alberich, Magni, BK, Sartana, Joon.

Those are the heroes I´d use.

If you get a nice red sniper I´d consider putting Kramups.

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