Krumpus and Black Knight

I am lucky enough to have krumpus and black knight and am running


I get similar def result abs hold diamond.

I don’t max any 5* on emblems (yet) I take all to 7EM as I want depth for my war teams, but want to get some opinions on the two team I called out above

Who is GP? Panther? Lofl is probably Lady of the lake?

Anyway I would recommend you to try both Taunters

  • Krampus as Tank will fill your allies with extra meat shields (minions)
  • Black knight will take over, once enemy breaks tank with tiles.

I would go something like this :

Drake Fong - any green dmging hero - Krampus - BK - Any dmg hero at fast speed

BK is on right flank since, if you are still lucky that Krampus is alive and both get to cast special, BK attack boost is stronger so it comes after.

Even though Panther brings dispell, I woudlnt force him on defense due to his low def stat, unless you put some other dmg dark hero on other wing - panther left, other dmg dark hero right.

Do you have anything else in your roster?

Alice is great, but not suitable if Krampus tanks

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I don’t have any of those heroes, truth be told. All I have is Shrubbear :grin::grin::grin:. But I read somewhere in this forum that if there are more than 1 taunters in the same team, both are going to receive damage from AOE attacks. If such is the case, I find it counterproductive to have 2 taunters that I’d only retain once and replace the other by another offensive and aggressive hero. But that’s just me.

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Done some test runs with alliance team mates and BK and Krumpus don’t work together. Worth trying

Yes, I think it works that way.

If such thing occur, that you still have tank and flank alive and activated, you are already doing good :slight_smile:

But adjustment can be made to put BK on wing then. You have for sure, completely offset timing of specials.

BK - Frigg - Krampus - Odin - Gravemaker seems nice :slight_smile:

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2 out of 5 :laughing:

So… krampus or bk?

I would do everything to include both in your place :slight_smile:

I know thats what you arent looking for , but honest opinion!

OK. Seeing you keen, below are my 7em 5*. How would you work in both, I will include my REDS and BLUES out of interest:

Lady Loki




G Panth

Panther - Tyr - Krampus - Drake - Black Knight (you can also try the Hatter instead of Tyr)

Tyr will be very hard to kill since he will be protected by Taunts , blinds and enemy brings green vs Krampus, so green is weak colour to reds :wink:

Hatter gives you rainbow defense while also forcing enemy team to not bring champions with buffs /and more dmg than Tyr

Tell me how it goes :slight_smile:

With only one taunter, I would go

Tyr - Krampus - Kunchen - Hatter - Drake (attack up + def down combo)

What you are really lacking for alot more setups is another hit 3 hero or hit all hero at average or fast speed :wink:

Thanks Cerevan. Will give them a role and see how it holds up over night. I have Cap Kestrel at 3/70 so will level next in RED.

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