Costume Krampus vs Costume Alasie

I was extremely lucky to pull both of these heroes and would like some ascension advice. I have 7 scopes and was leaning towards Krampus. The more I think about it though I’m not sure.

Which of these heroes takes precedence? I know it’s not an apples to apples comparison and that’s why I ask. Both are great heroes worthy of scopes, but is one superior that needs to be maxed asap?

What makes me hesitant is that I looked at Ruby’s card for some reason and saw the undeniable comps to Costume Alasie. The comparisons are very similar if not better in favor of Alasie until Ruby hits that 3rd charge. Is costume Alasie a blue (Ruby type) game changer that gets maxed above any other blues? I’d appreciate the input.

If you have many blue hitters - Krampus

If you don’t have many blue hitters or you have BK - Alasie


Agree with @Radar1. I’ll add that krampus has a pretty rare skill in taunt. While I’m sure most folks could use costume Alasie there are plenty of not quite as good blue substitutes. There is no blue substitute for krampus.


There are many good snipers but only limited number of taunts heros.

Krampus is a game changer and uses sorcerer emblems who often are in abundance.


I’m also of the opinion that Krampus is more valuable. Krampus is the rare kind of hero you build a team around. I have BK and Krampus both maxed +20 and always use them in war (on offense, none of them make my defense team).

Congrats on the great pulls by the way.

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I’m curious. I’m also blessed to have Krampus+C and Black Knight, with Krampus maxed at +20 (next blue to LB) while Black Knight is nearly maxed (full set of Barbarian emblems ready and waiting). May I ask why neither are on your defence team? I imagine taunters are as valuable on defence as offence.


Thanks. I got extremely lucky. Krampus showed up on my 5th epic hero token. I’m saving gems for Knights next month but decided on 1 ten pull today and Alasie appeared. I probably should wait a few months before I make any more pulls. The only taunter I have is Shrubbear, so I was going to immediately max Krampus.

However, I had this moment of hesitation bc Alasie’s new card looks freaking good. I thought of back when I didn’t have the scopes for Vela to pair with Telly immediately. When I finally got the scopes to max Vela she was nerfed weeks later. I think I have FOMO bc of that :joy:

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I don’t use them on defense mostly due to strategy. We were doing red tanks in my alliance, so Liz plus fast hitters (often green flanks) works best.

I do use Krampus in rush, flanking Alfrike.

My comment was mostly about Krampus and BK value, that even without using them on defense, I still find them essential heroes on my roster.

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