Another who to level next topic (yellow 5* version)

As by title… Who fits best in a mono for raids?

At first i thought sif was the best choice but I noticed that her mana buff is redundant with Odin’s one.
Now I’m considering neith for the elemental link buff which won’t overwrite Odin’s one.
Vivica seem too slow and norns doesn’t look ideal in a mono.

Vivica imo. She is slow but always nice to have a healer.


Sif > Viv > Neith

But I would wait a week until the costume portal - then if you get lucky with Viv, I’d swap to Viv > Sif > Neith

She really needs that 5% costume mana bonus.

PS: Are your troops well levelled? If no, I would take Gullinbursti to +20 to gain the 4% mana bonus - he will then only require a lvl5 mana troop to mana break. He can then be a substitute healer in lieu of Vivica.


That’s a good idea, anyway i will probably do a 10 pull on costume chamber.
Crossing fingers lets see how it goes
Edit: my mana troops are level 11

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