Need help on 5* purple to level up

I’m looking for advice on which purple hero to level up.

I already have Jabberwocky.

I’m leaning towards Thoth because I have no sorcerer heroes. And I have 672 emblems.

Panther, then Alfie.
Others aren’t worth tabards until no other options are available.


I would ascend G. Panther but even Alfrike is tempting :slight_smile:


Thanks guys :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll start on panther right away. What is the main reason you like Alfrike I just can’t seem to get into her. Especially cuz she’s very slow.

Visit her thread:

If she’ll fire, it’s almost game over.

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Yeah I just did. I think I watched one of your videos against her.

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Panther is most worthy. While Alfrike is very slow, you won’t find a harder hitter. Use a super mana pot on her in Challenge events and you’ve a got BIG leg up on the opponet!


I have so many sorcerers emblems who should I start leveling up. I only have these two heroes.

Sabina most likely. Cat is a strong Titan killer, depends on what you need most.


I agree with the others to do Panther first. She’s game changing. You’ll probably get a lot more use out of Sabina than CC. He’s good in certain situations, but not that versatile.


Sabina is a hard hitting healer. You should give Cheshire some thought though. Especially if you’re good on healers. Why you ask?

CC’s great for moving tanks you have trouble with. Can’t beat Guin? No problem. Plus if it’s Guin (or Onatel or Vivica) CC gives them -44% def. The best part, though, is undispellable poison at Fast speed.

I have mine at +19 and that means 312 poison damage over 4 turns to all heroes. Its attack stat is over 750 and defense is 695. So even if it dies, you still have serious tile damage.


Forgot to mention that the Cat and Panther play well together. Cat gives all Holy -44% defense and Panther gives anyone he hits -54% elemental def debuff. So if you hit Guin with both, she will have -98% defense to Dark hitters for several turns.

Note: corrected to say Panther instead of Jackal.


Never thought about that, after ive seen this i will max CC thx dude:)

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I agree with those below that recommend Panther. She gives an elemental defense down, which is great in raids and against titans. And she’s fast.

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Error inside
I think you mean Panther to stack together with CC.
Stacking yellows (jackal) against Guin is not usual. :wink:

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The thread kinda split after OP signaled the go-ahead on Panther, which is definitely the way to go. You’re right to correct me here, too

For me I would level up Panther, but just for fun I might consider afrike. Seen a couple of battles with people who had her leveled and I was blown away. Don’t like the mana speed but looks like it could be tanky. And when she goes off… :cry:

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