Which purple/s to ascend next?

So first time posting. I have been playing for a couple years. I’m currently in a small alliance. I have amassed a fairly large amount of five star heroes.

Currently I have enough to ascend two purple heros to fourth tier.

Looking for advice on who. Not all are at 3/70 but I can get those up if needed.

I currently have Khiona at level 9 talent grid wise. Other 5* are as follows.

Clarissa 3/70
Grimble 3/70
Domitia 3/70
Obaken 3/70
Zulag 3/49
Quintus 2/55
Alfrike not leveled
Malicna x2 not leveled
Clarissa not leveled
Sartana not leveled
Guardian Panther not leveled
Quintus not leveled

Panther and Sartana and Alfrike I just very recently pulled hence why I haven’t touched them.

My team I have been running defensively is

Gravemaker, Khiona, Joon, Ariel and Alberich.

I had Guinevere in place of Joon, but I have done better with Joon.

I can post up my other 5* at another time.

Thanks for any help.

I would go with Alfrike here. She will change your game the most out of these.

  • she makes it super easy to complete any challenge events or last levels on quests thanks to mana reset on bosses
  • she will up your game in rush wars and tournaments
  • she’s superfun to use and pairs well with Ariel
  • you can still use Guardian Panther against titans when she’s at 3.70 - her elemental def down will be as effective
  • should be better than Khiona on defense
  • looks like you have emblems for her from Guin

EDIT: just noticed you mentioned you have mats for two… Guardian Panther would be my 2nd choice! Will work well with your Khiona.


I agree with Suicide Bunny that my two choices would be Alfrike without a doubt and Guardian Panther. Alfrike is a beast once she goes off and Guardian Panther’s defense down will be very beneficial in all aspects of the game.

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i agree. Alfrike first, then Panther, and then, follow it up with Grimble, then Clarissa. I recommend Grimble since the minion meta is still very strong so a minion killer would be very helpful

For the long term, I agree with Alfrike and Panther.

However, I imagine that for the short term, you may want to hold off on Panther and possibly go with Clarissa.

Panther is still a core hero. However, as mentioned, she can be just as effective against lower level titans at 70. You would want to max her to get some more durability and tile damage against 12-Star and higher titans and even then, you will want to put emblems on her. For 10-Star and under, 70 is fine.

Clarissa would virtually add a stackable GM and it looks like you might be able to throw some emblems on her.

Appreciate the help, I will get to work on Alfrike. I just ascended Elizabeth to 4th tier and need one more dart for Professor Lidenbrock.

Should I list all my different color 5* here as it’s a fairly long list?

Will take me a bit to type out.

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Panther is a glass cannon even maxed with emblems.

With the importance of titans to building more stocks, I’d definitely be doing Panther first.

Panther will benefit you significantly in raids too (dispel and the ability to make Khiona hit like a “real” sniper) - I often use Panther in raids with Killhare and the results are devastating.

Alfrike is an absolute monster, and unbelievably OP in rush tournaments - I have her on my alt account (annoyingly, not on main!) and she’s both powerful and immensely fun to play with.

Clarissa is good, but she’s not in the same league as either Panther or Alfrike IMHO.

If you like, never hurts to get second opinions :+1:

I have to agree with all the other posters here and go Panther and Alfrike. I use Panther all the time in raids and war and makes any kind of colour stacking so satisfying and efficient. I envy you having Alfrike as she is awesome for the VF activities. I only get to use her when my Lord Loki steals her ability! Enjoy her!

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So Green 5* are as follows.

Alberich 11 on talent grid
Frigg 3/70
Telluria 3/70
The Hatter 3/70
Kadilen 3/70 Have her costume
Lianna 3/70
Horghall 3/1
Bertila not leveled
Elkanen x2 not leveled
Kadilen x2 not leveled
Lianna not leveled

Yellow 5*

Joon 12 on talent grid
Guinevere 9 on talent grid
Prof. Lidenbrock 3/70
Vivica 3/70
Inari 2/60
Leonidas 2/60
Malosi 2/39
Malosi 1/34
Guardian Owl 1/28
Akkorog not leveled
Uraeus x2 not leveled
Guinevere not leveled
Justice x2 not leveled
Vivica not leveled
Leonidas not leveled

Will do Blues and Reds later

Panther 1st then Alfrike as both are a must. Always prioritze element def down heros. And the rule of thumb with Alfrike is if you have her max her. Even thought she is v. slow. She is the best hero for rush wars/tournaments and for events/titans you can just give mana potions.

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Another +1 for Panther 1st, she is glass cannon and need tobe maxed.
Alfrike 3.70 is very usable in the rush rule tournament (last top10 VF rule has one Alfrike 3.70 defense) and war.


Blue 5*

Ariel 11 on talent grid
Vela 3/70
Frida 3/70
Richard 3/70
Magni 3/70
Frosth x3
Aegir x2 not leveled
Thorne not leveled
Isarnia x2 not leveled
Magni x2 not leveled

Red 5*

Gravemaker 10 on talent grid
Red Hood 10 on talent grid
Elizabeth 4/6
Zimkitha 3/70
Mariana 3/70
Jen-Francois 2/60
Mitsuko 2/31
Yang Mai x3 not leveled
Reuben not leveled
Puss in Boots not leveled
Guardian Kong not leveled
Azlar not leveled
Mariana not leveled

Blue - Frida

Red - Zimkitha

If you just snap some screenshots of your roster, it makes it easier for you and everyone else too :+1:

Just upload them into your post using the seventh button along at the top of the posting interface

Another vote for Panther/Alfrike. Id say Panther first, as elemental defense down is rare (she’s the only dark defensive down…) and more serviceable for overall gameplay

Holy - Uraeus, then the S4 healer (Dr. L)

Nature - cKadelin and Frigg. Both are excellent so take your pick for #1

Fire - I defer on this one haha. Zim seems popular but I don’t have her, so facing her on defense feels underwhelming. Mitzuko is nice to bring in offense, so maybe consider her

Ice - Frida first (elemental defense down) then Magni (still a great sniper)

So I finished Alfrike and Panther. Alfrike is +20 Panther +19.

I’m currently working on Russell.

But I pulled Agrafena and Dr. Moreau. What’s the consensus on those two

From what I read Dr. Moreau is very good.

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Personally, I would prefer Dr. Moreau who’s fast, hits three and has that self-refreshing blind on healing. Agrafena’s first special is not great, and for the second one she is is very slow.

In my honest opinion I would focus on both Alfrike and Guardian Panther. They can/will be game changers for you.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

Dr. Moreau is basically a dark Drake Fong- a very good heroe: same speed, same two specials. Instead of the elemental link has Moreau a good passive skill and he is much newer, means stronger stats for att., def, LP. I don’t have Drake Fong, so I am glad having Moreau- Agrafena is totally different, maybe demanding for optimal use - for me, already her first special is great. Feeling lucky having her :slightly_smiling_face:

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