Help with creating a good OFFENSE / DEFENSE team

Hey guys; Im about at my wits end with this game. Not sure if there had been some changes to the game or what but I find myself loosing every single match. I maybe win 1 out of every 20 matches I face.

I have tried doing extensive searching and even looked at some guides regarding creating a good offense and defense team but I notice I am always stuck still loosing the majority of my matches. On my guild list, I keep dropping down to the bottom of rankings.

I noticed some guides as far as offense seems to recommend all 1 color except 1 or 2 off colors which are your healers, but I have tried like 4 reds and 1 blue, or 3 reds and 1 blue, 1 yellow (both healers) and STILL I would lose almost every battle. Seems when I try a team with most of all same color, seems the layout has less of that color when I start causing my team to drop fast before building enough mana.

I even scoped out guides for positioning *5’s and *4’s and that seems to help a little but not as much. (like placing Boril in center or Joon or himdahl on outside., etc)

Anyhow, I was hoping someone in here could look at my list of heroes below and decide a good O and D team for me and positioning? Would appreciate any help and advise. Thank you.

Joon (yellow)
Hel (purple)
Boldtusk (red)
Boril (blue)
Telluria (green)
Azlar (red)
Athena (blue)
Elena (red)
Vivica (yellow)
Khagan (red)
Grimble (purple) (question: how well does he work with Hel?)
Triton (blue)
Agwe (blue)

These are my main heroes I choose from on my list. Any recommendations on which ones to use and positioning for Off and Def? Thanks again guys. I know I have a good team(s) here; just can’t figure out that one combination key.

That’s a good start, well done :+1:

Yes, this is colour stacking and is a powerful but risky strategy as it makes much of the board unusable

It’s easy to feel like this, but it’s a complete myth

Record your good starting boards and you’ll see that they exist!

How levelled up are your heroes?

We can suggest a defence, but offense should be tailored to each situation.

If you can confirm what level your heroes are, you can get the most accurate help :+1:


Ah ok. Here is my leveling

Joon yellow (80 / level 4 ascension) 757

Hel purple (70 / level 3 ascension) 663

I haven’t been able to ascend Hel because for over 6 months I have not been able to grab 2 more Royal Tabards.

Boldtusk red (70 / level 4 ascension) 659

Boril blue (41 / level 4 ascension) 605

Telluria green (30 / level 2 ascension) 515

Azlar red (77 / level 4 ascension) 753

Athena blue (70 / level 3 ascension) 663

Again I can’t ascend her because I need 1 more farsighted telescope which I haven’t been able to grab for months

Elena red (48 / level 2 ascension) 541

Vivica yellow (53 / level 2) 538

Khagan red (23 / level 2) 502

rest are level 1’s to begin leveling

Uh, are you not completing the rare quests EVERY time they show up? You’re guaranteed one of each ascension item every 2 -3 months that way, plus the ones in monthly events. It certainly won’t let you swim in ascension materials, but it certainly gets you 2-3 of even the 4* ones every 6 months.

Maybe you weren’t able to do so previously, but you certainly should be able to now. My daughter’s account has been completing since December, with only 4* heroes (and no blue ones), and they only recently hit max.

As for the original question, I’d do BT Hel Boril Joon ?. Do you have no 4 star green? If not, probably Azlar in the last spot since he’s the highest power. Telluria is the obvious answer long term, but that’s going to be awhile.

Ok awesome. Good to know! Yah I try to do these rare quests but the issue is a lot of them require certain colors or Heroes I seem not to have or when I go to create my party I keep seeing my heroes grayed out on a lot of rare quests stating hero not allowed.
So it’s been half and half as far as trying to play the rare ones. Plus I have only so much time a day to play on E&P before I have to get back to work.

I’ll try that party suggestion. Thanks!

That’s a Trial…

The rare quests (most recently Farholm Pass) allow any hero and mostly have enemies related to the element of the rewards. They are roughly every 10 days.

A tabard is a reward for the last level of Morlovia.

Oh forgot to mention. I do have some *4’s but I haven’t leveled them up much

Grimble *5 I have but he’s only lvl 1; 403. I’ve been curious how well he works with Hel since one of his effects give 10% critical to dark allies

I have Triton *4 blue but also lvl 1; 317

Ameonna purple *4 lvl 1

Agwe blue *4 lvl 1

And Rigard *4 purple (have suit to makes him give all allies 30% attack for 3 turns)

I’m curious about why you’re not winning more. I assume you’re talking about raids you initiate, right? I ask because given the size of your roster, you should be using distinct teams on offense and defense.

You’ve gotten some good advice re your defensive team. I’ll add to that by saying there may be some benefit in putting your tank’s weak color on one flank. So, if you have a blue tank, having a green flank (so that your flank is charged as your opponent attacks your tank).

Offense; I agree with @JonahTheBard that it’s great that you’ve looked into color stacking your offensive team. I think, though, if that isn’t yielding results, you may want to read or watch more on this. Anchor has some videos on how to raid that I think may round out your strategy.

No one has mentioned troops, yet, so I will. If you haven’t already, start developing troops that enhance mana. This will enable the heroes of your offensive and defensive teams to fire their specials sooner.

Re Materials: No one gets materials as quickly as they want (I really need a far sight telescope), but it sounds like you may be missing some opportunities. Every ten or eleven days there is a rare quest (we can debate the use of rare later). The final stages of these quests include ascension materials (as @JonahTheBard pointed out); better yet, the quests appear in the same sequence and offer the same materials every time so you can get any material you need with patience. As you might expect, since it’s predictable, there’s a calendar published each month that tells you when the quests occur – just search for #calendar.

The trials yield emblems, which is a whole thread unto itself.

Re Hel, I have her and like her a lot. I also have Seshat, so I don’t use Hel as much as I used to but she is fun when her special fires. (She has average speed, so get a mana troop leveled up for her.)

Rigard with costume (or even with out) is a great hero whether you are traversing the map, raiding, war, or defense. Level him up as you are waiting for tabards for Hel. You won’t regret it.

I hope this helps.

Great advice and yes; I was referring to offensive raids. I lose a lot of them; even with 4 same stack colors. Maybe I’ll win 1 out of every 10th match but that’s about it. I never seem to rank high in my guild which sucks

I did the team suggestion that one of the guys replying earlier to me was suggesting but wasn’t sure if he meant this team suggestion was for Def or Off so I reorganized the team for Off and surprise; I won two matches back to back with this team on off

For defense I have (from left to right)

Hel, BTusk, Boril, Telluria, and Joon

It’s been on average 3 loss 1 win, 4 loss 1 win for my defense. I’m assuming everyone is targeting Telluria because they know that is my healer and she’s weak right now.

I’m assuming troops, you mean those troops you set under the heroes? I thought all they did was boost the heroes attack. Naturally I’m assuming the better the star ranking the better the troops? Thanks

Yes the troops are the little ones underneath the heroes. The higher the star the better, but you can level them up like you do with heroes themselves. You should have a barracks building, within which you can feed the weaker troops to the best ones. This increases a variety of stats including attack, defence, health, healing, critical chance and mana generation, so very useful and necessary.

Yes. @Bwang answered this nicely. I’ll add—in case it isn’t obvious—the troops that enhance mana, the 4* troops with the diamond icon, will help your heroes fire their specials sooner.

Telluria has average mana speed, so mana troops are critical for her, especially if you are right that your opponents target her.

Good job with the consecutive raid wins!

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