Need Help for a Defense Team on Raids and War


i am now for around 7 month in the game and now is the question to Build the perfect lineup, especially for War Defense. Is there a difference in building in relation to field boni?

This is my roster:

Blue: Athena, Misandra, Kiril, Sonya
Green: Tarlak, Evelyn, Kashrek, Melendor, Little John
Red: Mitsuko, Elena, Gormek, Lance
Yellow: Onatel, Joon, Wu Kong, Li Xiu
Purple: Kageburado, Cyprian, Ameonna, Proteus

This what i am dealing with. The 4 Stars are mostly full ascended, if not they can be.The 5 stars are not fully ascended, but i got most the materials.

What would be perfect to defend in war/raids? Or should i work on a special colour?

Thanks in Advance

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