Looking for Lineup advice

So, I got a pretty hefty pool of 4* heroes and a few 5* as well and I’m wondering what kind of lineups to set up for Raids, Defence, War, Titans etc. And who to focus on leveling. Here’s what I have:

Purple: Khiona (3/70) Proteus (4/70) Tiburtus (4/39)
Yellow: Grendel (4/70) Chao (4/70) Hu Tao (2/40)
Blue: Kiril (4/70) Sonya (4/60) Agwe (1/1) Grimm (1/1) Boril (1/1)
Green: Melendor (4/70) Kasshrek (4/40) Evelyn (2/1) Little John (1/1)
Red: Zimkitha (3/70) Scarlett (4/70) Boldtusk (3/60) Sumitomo (3/60) Santa (2/43) Marjana (1/1)
Any advice is appreciated ^^

Defence team
Raid team
In raids I always using 2 healers, 1 mana control (like Proteus/Gretel) and 3 heroes in strong colour to enemy tank.
Titan team
You need Wu-kong or Tarlak for every titan and 4 heroes in strong colour to titan(best with defence debuffer)

Khiona is very good 5*
People doesnt like Hutao. I didnt have him, if you have many magic orbs and really need yellow hero max him, if not, wait for better yellow
Max Grimm first next Sonia and Boril
Finish your Kash. I really like Little John you should max him IMHO. Evelyn can be good on 3^70 if you want wait for another hero but its worth it to take her to 4^80 if you have Tonics
Max Boldtusk fast as you can, you have good 5* here


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