Need help deciding which purple to ascend?

I have a defense team…
Marjana, ariel, atomos, (insert purple), and joon…

Who would you ascend for the right flank?
Killhare, or clarissa? And why?

What other purples do you have maxed?

Sartana, and Marie Therese

Nice :slight_smile:

Personally I’d go with Killhare, it’d help if you have JF too but even without she’s just a monster attacker - huge stats, huge damage.

Clarissa is really good too, you can’t really go wrong here :+1:

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I vote for killhareeeee

Oops not sure what happened there but i agree about going with Killhare. Her attack all is devastating. I faced her in a raid and couldn’t recover. Faced Clarissa too but am able to survive. It also depends on the surrounding heroes i guess.

Wish i owned them both but do own Clarissa and she is my current purple project, just need the tabards. If i had them both i would be leveling Killhare first and would flank her next to my Telly tank.

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