Alfrike or Killhare?

So, in a month where I’ve done 150 odd pulls (c100 more than normal) due to saving gems for months for GM in AR, with less than 1 week to go I still don’t have Clarissa. While there’s still dwindling hope, I now find some recent crazy tabbard luck means the imminent Morlovia will bring me my 12th.

Should I ascend Killhare or Alfrike first while clinging to the vague hope that I’ll get Clarissa in the few pulls I will do during Valhalla?

Current ascended 5* purples are Ursena and Sartana, plus I have C. Rigard and C. Tiburtus. (I have a 3.70 Grimble, 2.60 Kunchen, 1.17 Domitia and 1.1 Quintus, Mok Arr and Obakan)

Do you have Grazul or JF?

(Relevant to dealing with killhare’s team debuff)

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Grazul at 3.70, JF at 4.80. I also have Ariel for +mana…

I vote for Killhare. She’s more usable and deals massive damage. :slight_smile:

I can’t speak for Alfrike, but I love my killhare and I don’t have JF or Graz

However, JF’s special will convert Killhare’s team buff into a Def buff, making them a great team.

KH has a monstrous hit :grin:


Faced similar dilemma and went with Killhare.

I use Killhare in my purple stack (not pairing with JF) and she’s a murderer. After she fires, the defense debuff rarely matters because it is usually gg. My other purple heroes are also strong - Panther, Clarissa and Hel fire about same time as Killhare. In your case, I think C Rigard and C Tibbs with Ursena will be equal, if not stronger.

I miss Alfrike but because of fun she provides, not because of the match impact she brings. Unfortunately, at very slow, I think she loses to Killhare. Besides, at 3.70 she’s pretty much same HP and mana controller as on max, only a bit more fragile. Can very well serve in a war team not maxed due to naturally defensive stats.


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