Need help building 5\* defense team

Maybe someone here can advise me? I have 5* heroes: Vivica, Ares, Azlar, Tarlak, Frida, Magni, Domitia, Thoth-Amun (and also, but not yet at the highest level, Inari, Neith, Horghal). What do you think is the best position for the defense team?

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Ares is your best tank option out of the ones listed. I’d do something like this:

Magni | Domitia | Ares | Neith | Thot-Amun

Magni on the wing isn’t ideal but I don’t see many fast snipers in your roster, and I’d rather put him there myself over the slow / average speed heroes.


I thinking about two blue in team: Magni and Frida. And thinking about Vivica as healer, but if Neith is better option that I choose her when I’ll get her to the highest level. And I’ll think about this idea with two purple heroes, at least until I have better ones

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Oh, Neith is better than Vivica for that defense team I suggested. Reason being that Ares is already passive enough, so Vivica would have no place in a defense team with him.

However I would say that Vivica is the more useful hero to have for your squad. I would personally prioritize heroes that can help you in offense, than heroes that can help you in defense.


I have some new questions, about defensive team and heroes to offensive :slight_smile: Because I’m not sure should I do it.
This is my current def team:

And these are my other best heroes:

I just improved Evelyn and Neith. Which one is better to give renger emblems? And maybe Evelyn or/and Neith give to the defensive team? As I can see on neither Neith nor Evelyn are not good for tank or Ares place. But Neith has Element Link and maybe is good idea to give her on tank and Vivica to the team? And I have one Tome of Tactics and other things to improve Inari or Sartana. Which one is best to improve now? To defensive team is good idea to use yellow Element Link and have Neith, Vivica and Inari? Or maybe three purple heroes? :stuck_out_tongue: Or maybe have three heroes of the same color is not good idea in defensive team? And which hero is better to improve for the offensive?

And I know this is a beginner’s mistakes, he should not improve at the same time Inari, Sartana, Miki, Horghall and Marjana, so quickly.

I think you’d be better off with an RBG center (red blue green) than a red tank with blue flanks. Your current build leaves your team open to a blue stack.

Another conflict is your Paladins – both Ares and Frida are competing for emblems. It would be better to focus your emblems on your tank, and Ares is your best option right now.

So based on the above, I think it’d be better to replace Frida with Evelyn. You will still get the benefit of a dispel with Eve, and she’s faster too.

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And leave in team two purple? :slight_smile: And in the future replace Domitia with Sartana?

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Hello again :smiley:

I have mystical rings and I can improve red.

If I improve Jean-Francois there will be a conflict for emblems with Sartana . Would it be good to swap them in the defense team?
Or maybe improve Marjanna and put her instead Thot-Amun, and leave Sartana?
Or is it better not to give two reds?


Based on your last pic of your roster, maybe try this for defense:

Evelyn | Inari | JF | Magni | Thoth

Make JF take the defensive path.

Inari on flank may seem odd, but her skill effect will punish attempts to dispel JF’s buffs.

That’s what I’d do personally with your D-team setup.

Hmmm, I didn’t think of Inari, thanks!

All the time I assumed that Ares would be on the tank, I thought I didn’t have anyone suitable for this position. Your suggestion solves problems with emblems.

Your idea is very good, I wouldn’t come up with such D-team setup myself, thanks!

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Yeah I think JF is better than Ares for the tank spot myself – JF may not be built like a battleship, but he’s fast, has decent burn damage to all enemies, and his defense buff against ice makes him hard to kill with blue after he’s used his skill (being fast he’s likely to).

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But simple Sonya can ruin JF’s defence, and 2 Sonyas will remove also burn (assumed one have costume and one not). And we likely stack blue against JF.

You think not to give JK to a tank?

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