Help with choosing defense team

Hi everyone,

recently I obtained some 5* and I’m thinking about how I should structure my team.

My 5* are not maxed yet (but they will be soon, most of them are around last ascension already).
All 4* are maxed

5*: Kunchen, Vivica, Kadilen, Marjana, Thorne (I just got Thorne so he’s low).
4*: BoldTusk, Colen, Grimm, Tiburtus, Rigard, Wukong, Chao, Buddy,

I’m thinking that the 5* should be better and create a good team, right ?

I’m considering options like (in order):

Grimm(later Thorne?) Kunchen Kadilen Vivica Marjana

Grimm(later Thorne?) Boldtusk Vivica Kadilen Marjana

I’m only wondering if this will be enough firepower, unfortunately I got 3 5* defensive heroes :expressionless:

Vivica, Marijana , kunhen, kadilen, grimm

Why would you put Vivica in the corner ? And should I replace Grimm with Thorne when he’s leveled up ?

Kunhen is one of the best centers, but he is slow, vivica as well, beside kunhen you have to have some fast snipers, you just can’t put them together, it will be to easy to feed them both with usless tiles, but in corner, while opponent fighting against kunhen, if vivica got mana it’s almoust 100 %, victory.
And of course thorn will be beter, five star is five star

Hmm, you are right, I haven’t thought about it, I just thought they will be a super defense combined together. Thanks a lot !

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