I want build 5* defence team

I want build 5* defence team. Any suggestions? I have enough mat. to lv up any color [ 5*] to max … thanks in advance.

Your current defence looks very good. The only suggestion I have is leveling Drake and replacing Ariel. Drake hits hard for a splash hitter and his blind is very nice and frustrating for enemies.

But Ariel is one of the best heroes in the game so I’d only tinker and see if you notice an improvement. Any change to you current team is likely going to result in only modest improvements



Drake is more ideal than Ariel in defense especially already having Albi in the corner.

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Yeah, it’s a weird position having the two best defensive healers but really only wanting to deploy one.

That said I raised a mother North / Viv team today that was surprisingly annoying to delete with a moderately bad board. It had Ares at Tank so I had a blue mono team that wasn’t hurting North enough to kill her and Viv kept restoring her health and she kept bringing back the tank and left flank who I kept killing.

I won, but went into the final 5 mins to do so.

Still, I’d rather have Drake than Ariel in that Defence. The only way a second healer gets on my D alongside North is if they are named Ares or Delihah or Aegir - they need to have another effect that helps on offence and can’t be slow.


My personal rule of defense. Better to kill first than be killed.

I don’t like battle of attrition. Gives the opponent too many chances to make a comeback from a bad board.


Alby Drake Gravey Sarta Ariel

These two on the wings are the best defensive combo in the game.

Drake and Gravey could be swapped.


Yeah, Drake is want you need :slight_smile:

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Thanks very much for the info and thought…