Best Defense team line up. Need help

I have ares alasie morgan le fey vivica and khiona all leveled to 80. How should i line them up??? I would really appreciate. Thnx

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Thnx again Fra. What do you think about this team? Would you attack it?

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This totally makes Khionas buff pretty useless thought doesn’t it? I understand why the placement but sucks for that buff…

If I were to fill my chest I would definitely reroll but if it were for trophies then i think that I would attack with this:

Vivica, Khiona, Ares, Morgan, Alasie
Alasie is a sniper goes in the corner
since you are running Ares you can afford to put Vivica in the corner as well
Morgan and Khiona organicaly take flanks
Khiona next to viv cause of purple-yellow
and Morgan next to alasie cause of Green-Blue
If they stack blues Morgan will suck the life out of them

( This is not my answer, I ask my leader, since I’m very new to this game and do not dare to answer a senior player like most of you)

The question is really interesting , thats why I like to reply in this to learn more, amd see other point of view as comparation.

Thanks for gave me a lot of information that enrich my knowledge.


You use always 3? I normally stack 2 same colour and in 70-80 % of the cases works fine to take out tank.
Great heroes by the way Fra.

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I don’t always run 3-2 formations but those were my best heroes to attack your team.
Against Ares thise 3 blues are staple but the other two could change :wink:

It’s a little surprising to me that you’ve managed to play long enough to pull and level those 5* heroes, but still don’t feel comfortable enough with them to trust a lineup that you yourself pick. Are you asking because you’re dying a lot in raids and you think that the ordering might be hurting you?

Personally, I would do:


I don’t like slows in the wings unless it’s Alby, but that’s just me. Don’t love wasting half of Ares/Khiona’s buff either, but I’d want Khiona’s buff after Ares since her attack buff could end up being more valuable (possibly). Alasie has a better attack (than Morgan) so she needs that buff. Plus, if there are any attack ailements at play, you want Viv to go off before your immediate damage attackers. & I like fasts in the wings. Don’t love running two healers up front either, but to me, I don’t see anyway around that.

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I havent been using them cause have not been maxed and vivica is still not maxed today with the damascus blade she will be ascended so i wanted feedback on the lineup since it will be a new lineup. I was thinking this as lineup: khiona alasie ares morgan vivica , where morgan protects vivica as she can become unkillable with her special and alasie as fast mana in middle of 2 attack givers but the colours are not good match but as logic sounded good to me

For a different possibility, you can try the below:

Vivica - Khiona - Alasie - Ares - Morgan

Ares does not have to be the tank all the time.

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