Need advice with the next green hero

my current green stack is:

Kingston +7
CMelendor +18
Jack (the rabbit), Buddy, Brynhild, Caedmon, Kasshrek all at max + some emblems

The rat (ratatoskr) 3.70
Gobbler and Skittelskull 3.60
Kadilen 2.60
Gadeirus, Little John, Almur all at 1.1
Also 2nd Caedmon and 2nd Melendor

I was thinking of maby maxing the rat OR Little John next, but I recently pulled Almur.

Who yould you max next?

Almur all the way. He makes your complete green roster better.


Elemental def down is one of the most powerful Status ailments, so almur first. Every green stack will get huge benefit from it.

If you have the ascension materials, the rat next, if you are lucky to pull costume for kadilen, you should really consider her, but maybe others have better advice in this.


funny sidenote: i completely forgot i have Kadilens Costume…

Then in my honest opinion it’s got to be Kadilen in costume if you have the mats to max her.
If not start with Almur
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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why would you chose Kadilen first? I don’t see her being so overwhelming, even with Costume?

Almur has to be first, your titan score will improve right away.

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As always, it depends on what your priorities are. That said, once I pulled and leveled Almur, my titan scores shot up. I then added Ratatoskr and they went even higher. I run Tarlak, Almur, Buddy, Liana, and Ratatoskr and let the gems do the work. I use that stack on both titans and raids with a lot of success. So from your 4*, Almur would be first followed by Buddy then probably Brynhild. 5* I would personally go Rat over Kadilen. Good luck whatever you decide.


If it was only Kadilen, then no.

But costume Kadilen is absolutely fantastic and is one of, if not the best, of the costume heroes. Level her!

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Titans are a key part of the game - definitely Almur first.
The only 5* I’d do before Almur in your situation is Evelyn.

After that… I love the Rat, serious healing, great stats and the tile enhancer can be great on titans if timed well.

Costume Kadilen is great also, but 5* healers are worth their weight in gold - I’d personally do the Rat first (I did and would do so again)

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Thank you all for your insight.
I will start with Almur first, and then maybe cosider CKadilen next, but that somewhat depends on the amount of sturdy shields in stock at that time.

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