Which Green Hero next?

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to know your opinions for my green hero ascend

I have fully Kingston, Tarlak and Elkanen

and que goes

  • Lianna
  • Atamos
  • Costume Kadilen

Who to ascend next? thanks in advance for your replyies.

With the information given, I would go cKadilen.

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I’ve been a big fan of C.Kadilen since dodging 4 out of 5 Alfrike’s cubes. Currently, I use +19 C.Kadilen as the main force for regular defense team, war defense team, and green stacks.
When used in combination with C.Kadilen and Almur, the damage is also good.

PS: Fast mana hero + costume bonus +17 mana troop allows C. Kadilen to use the skill with 7 tiles.


I’d do C Kadilen 100%. Dodge master extraordinare!

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C Kadilen for the win!

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