My sad choices for green 5 star ascension

Yeah this account tried for Telluria last month, didnt get him so now have 4 green 5 stars at 3/70 with 12 tonics available - drum roll please…who to ascend if any…Margaret (as if you had to ask), Atomos of course, Kadilen number 2, Ratataskor - the squirrel aho does nothing but heal…feel free to feel my pain
Other green 5 stars at 4/80 - Evelyn, morgan le fay, Kadilen 1, Lianne

Do you mono? If so, the rat would give you some healing in that line up. Seems like a solid choice. :woman_shrugging:

Or just hang on to them…

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Boo Hoo. I have even fewer choices. I actually like my Margie, I have her at +9 (no other rogue in sight, I seriously have no other rogue not even a 3*) Margie does great tile damage and the dodge thing works.

Well, I have choice between 2x Kadilen and 2x Elkanen while having 16 tonics. Kadilen is underrated though in my opinion, at the very least she’ll get used on autofarming 8-7.

For you, though, I would go with Ratatouille. He is awesome for titans, from what I heard.

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Ratataskor to go mono green with eve, and for titans.

For the other 6 tonics, just hold on and wait for more heroes, hero balance changes, or Hero Academy, which will hopefully not be horrible.

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Kadilen is the best classic 5* green hero. Durable good special effect, decent dmg for a fast hero.

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The Rat is the bomb guy! Your golden

I am not completely of that opinion, but she is close after Lianna. Certainly she deserves better reputation than she has (though this may be because her special was originally weaker). Also she makes autofarming easier.

I was going to feel sad for you but then you listed what you already have! Evelyn and Lianna, and Morgan! No, I am not sad for you. Saying that, I’d do the squirrel…he’s a nice 5* healer at average speed who does more than just heal! The enhanced gem thing is meh, but it’s still a durable 5* healer at worst.


well for me i never fear lianna firing, but i fear kadilen firing alot (because of secondary effect)

Hit the Rat, can’t go wrong with a 5 star non slow healer!

I’d max the ferret :+1:

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Go big or go home, max Atomos! :rofl: (please don’t)

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