What do to with Almur?

I recently drew and maxed Almur (yay!), but now I don’t know what to do with him. Obviously I’ll add him to my Titan team. But should I add (or transfer) Emblems to him for use on my mono green raiding team?

Here’s what I have currently in green:

-Lianna maxed +10 Emblems (she’s my Green in Raid and War defense)
-Melendor Costume +18 Emblems
-Horghall maxed
-Caedmon maxed +18 Emblems
-Buddy maxed +11 Emblems
-Brynhild maxed +9 Emblems
-Hansel maxed +6 Emblems
-Melendor #2 Costume maxed
-Gadeirus maxed
-Skittleskull maxed
-Kashhrek maxed

Also, here’s where my Sorceror Emblems currently live.
-Sabina +20
-Cheshire Cat +11
-Sabina #2 +6
-Hawkmoon Costume +13

Obviously Almur is a great hero, but am I helping my roster significantly if I bother with Emblems?

Also I’m currently working on Elkanen who will replace Horghall in my green raid team (Lianna - Costumed Melendor - Buddy - Caedmon - Horghall).

Thanks in advance!

Yes… Because you will take Almur to TITANS which is where his elemental debuff will REALLY shine.

I would toss Buddy & put Almur in his place.


@Guvnor thank you. I should clarify that my Alliance currently fights 5* to 7* Titans so I rarely worry about 4* heroes getting killed, emblems or not.

I like having Buddy in my green raiding team because he’s a pseudo second healer.

Do these details change your recommendations any?

Not really :slight_smile: You already have a complete healer in Melendor.

I think Almur is quite possibly the best Green 4* hero… Period.

The Elemental Debuff pairs really well with both Snipers & with other AOE Heroes (e.g. Elk)


@Guvnor was faster than me… as usually :wink:

What I wanted to add: I would give him emblems over a second Sabina. I don’t know what other healers you have, but Sabina I use the least… only in wars. I wasn’t even aware he was a sorcerer. That’s great, cause I really hope to get him and have plenty of sorcerer emblems collecting dust in my inventory.


@Guvnor better than Hansel?! Wow.

I guess now I need to figure where to pull Emblems from. Sabina #2 obviously. Don’t really want to touch the others though.


Good news is there’s 50 sorcerer emblems for completing the legendary tier of Teltoc.

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Using Peters and Hansel with their mana control abilities is really great for Challenge Events. They have to rank near the top of the green 4-star heroes in building strong event teams.

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@Guvnor Thank you SO MUCH for the advice. I dumped some Emblems into Almur and I’m really happy. His speed means I can fire him and Lianna on the same turn.

If I swap Caedmon for Horghall I could fire all three of them at the same time–guaranteed kiil agaist even the strongest 5*.

Much appreciated.


I am about 7 months too late (as I only pulled him now)… but I find he goes really well with Frigg and C Elkanen. Once I have emblems on him and C Elkanen, or if C Rig gets to fire, then that has a high chance of 3 dead. Lianna waits in the wings to finish off one more high value target.

In your case (unless you have some new options) I would try Buddy + Almur + Elkanen to get 1 dead and 2 quite injured. Buddy will actually get a better defense down than Frigg in most cases, although he won’t do much damage.

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Buddy’s defense down and Almur elemental defense down stacks. I would use BOTH in the titan team.


How does this stack work? Would it mean they get -88% defense against green and - 34% defense against everything else?

I’m not sure of the precise mathematics of the interaction, but the effects work together.

I use Evelyn green Def down and buddy’s standard Def down with great effect on titans :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, combined def down against green tiles and attack skills from green heroes, -34% from Buddy against other colors

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