Need advice about Leveling and ascend 3* Heroes

These are all 3* Heroes I have. My question is

  1. which heroes of each color should I leveling and ascend first to last?
  2. Are there any heroes I should level more than one?
  3. Are there any hero that I should use as food?

Thank you very much for every advice.

I’d prioritize variety first before duplicates, unless the variety sucks. Below are the duplicates and heroes I think you should level for Challenge events and Raid tournaments (which is long term where you’ll use them the most).

In order of priority:

1 Chochin, 1 Gill-Ra, and 1 Tyrum (him mostly for raid tournaments) is enough imo. 2 more Balthazar leveled up would be great for challenge events.

Level up 1 Melia first. Then either 3 more Banes, or 2 more Banes and 1 Melia for challenge events. Kailani is only good in raid tournaments, so I’d only level 1 of her and feed the rest.

I’d level up both Gatos, and 2 Valens for challenge events. If you come across Ulmer I’d level him up too, he’s the only slow hero that is good in challenge events for having high attack. Gunnar is only good in raid tournaments, so I’d only keep the 1 you have.

Belith is only good for raid tournaments and completing challenge events, but not for high scores. I’d keep the 1 and feed the rest. 1 Brienne, 2 Mnesseus, and 2 Berden for challenge events imo. Carver and Isshtak are good at raid tournaments only imo, I wouldn’t prioritize them myself.

Hawmoon is the same as Belith, just 1 of her is enough. Sq. Wabbit, 2 Nashgar and 2 Namahage would be great for challenge events. I don’t like Azar myself, I have her maxed but don’t ever use her, even in raid tournaments and challenge events. I would feed her.


There’s this really helpful grading spreadsheet for 3-5* heroes I’ll link for you.

However, in case you just want a quick response… I would focus on leveling Nashgar, Valen, Bane, Berden, and Balthazar. I would feed hawkmoon, Belith, carver, Kailini.

I’m not sure about duplicates… the heroes I mentioned to focus on are a step above other 3*, so leveling their duplicates might be a good idea too if you’re trying to make teams for war.


I personally would keep more healers (depending on what 4/5* you have, of course), but then definitely Belith over Hawkmoon, because of Belith’s special. Hawkmoon can only heal, I always feed her when I get her. With the rest I’d agree with @DaveCozy.


I would keep a Hawkmoon or two for challenge events reflecting green tiles.

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Good point… maybe I should keep the next :grinning:

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Based on your available heroes my top 3 choices for rainbow 3 star teams would be as follows:

1: Balthazar, Bane, Valen, Belith, Nashgar (All fast hitters and good healer)

2: Tyrum, Bane, Gunnar, Brienne, Hawkmoon (Good support team)

3: Chochin, Melia, Gato, Mnesseus, Namahage (pure Atlantis power)

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At the end of the day it depends on your goals.

For alliance wars you want to have a minimum of 6 healers. But just looking at TC’s other post asking for 4 and 5 star advice, I safely concluded that giving up all 3* healers (with the exception of 1 of each) would be okay:
Need advice about Leveling and ascend 4* & 5*

What I use my 3 stars for now after about 1 year of regularly playing:

  • War teams – and they’re slowly becoming less and less relevant as I level up more 4 stars (I have Boldtusk, Kiril x2, Rigard x2, Melendor, Sabina, Red Hood… so I certainly have no need for either one of the 3 star healers).
  • Challenge events – for completing the rare tier, Belith and Hawkmoon are amazing. For high scores, they’re not.
  • :star: :star: :star: Raid tournaments – This is where Belith and Hawkmoon have seen the most use now, but I don’t see a need to keep more than 1 of each for these.

my suggestions earlier were built more around the latter 2, Challenge Event competition and Raid Tournaments. If you click the above link, you’ll note that the rest of the 4 and 5 star roster is quite well rounded (just need levels) so I saw no point in training more than one of the 3 star healers myself.


That is a legit, well thought out reply. Good work. I agree with this guy. +1

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@lekcecil BTW you should know that the green bunny (Jack) is actually a 4*, I think you put him there by mistake and I didn’t see him in your other topic.

Keep him for sure, he’s one of the best green 4 star heroes in the game, big attack stat with nice speed.

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3s have little relevance…eventually. When you get something like seven or eight 4s to 3^60, the 3s are relegated to challenge event and some raid tournaments. If you are not there, level one of what falls to you while keeping one dupe.

I have never leveled Carver or Co hin. I never let a healer get away. Brie ne and Gunnar are event/tourname t gold.