Newbie Question - What order would you level my 3* heroes?

I want to spend more time working on my 3* but there are so many mixed reviews on here.

So, my question is in what order would you level these 3*? (I know I do not have a deep bench at this time but I am getting there - been playing for about 25 days)

Y - Dawa, Melia
P - 0 (sad but true!)
R - Azar
B - Gato, Jarvus, Gunnar
G - Mnesseus, Berden, Brienne, Belith

Bonus question #1: How would you line up the heroes listed above?

Bonus Question #2: Who are the gurus of the game (although they will be talking over my head most of the time - but one day it will click)?

Thanks in advance!

I am really enjoying the different ways of playing this game and the abundance of information out there!

You get more experience points by feeding the same colored feeders to heroes. Therefore, I would recommend you doing one of each color. The ones I would prioritize first are:
B-Gunnar (he saved my butt in many stages when I was first playing)
G-Belith (if you need a healer), Brienne (is good if you want a higher titan score), Mnesseus (if you need a dispeller), and Berden (if you need a heavy-hitter)


Y. Melia
R- Azar
B- Gato, Gunnar and Jarvus
Green. Belith, Mneseus, Brienne and Barden.

Melia Belith Gunnar Azar Mneseus

You are better feeding your heroes on colour. It seems that it takes longer but at the end it doesnt because its more efficient. (You gain more xp and waste less food d oing that way) what is more you are ascending 5 at a relatively short time.

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I think I would do Melia - Belith - Gunnar - Azar - Gato. Gato is probably the best of the bunch but you need a healer (belith) and a defensive hero (Gunner). Green is strong against blue, so while you have the attacker trying to beat your blue, you have Red Azlar to load up on mana with the green being weak to it.


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In my honest opinion for your 3*. I would focus on:
Gunnar and Gato.
Mnesseus, Berden, Brienne and Belith
Wait for a better red
Obviously wait for purple
For your line up try -
Melia - Belith - Gunnar - Gato - Mnesseus
Good luck

Hi, Glad you are enjoying the game.

I don´t know if you have all of them at 1.1. I´d suggest you to finish what you have started this way you will have a 3* hero available sooner, this will help you optimize your time fighting.

The best heroes overall for each color are:

(Gato, but Gunnar will greatly increas your sustain.
Belith, (Berden for farming) Since She is your only healer she will be a key member, her dispel is great, and her costume is one of the best.

As for defense team I´d go with

Melia, Gato, Belith, Gunnar, Azar It´s not an optimal setup but your best defensive heroes are blue and it´s better not to put them close in order to avoid stacking against you.

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How do you get a 4 star troop. I have been playing for a long time and still cannot get a 4 star Holy or Dark troop

Just time and luck. Troops are not something that prevent you from successful playing. So, don’t try too hard to get them.
May be hero academy lvl9 would help, but it’s a long long way their and even longer to get what you need.

We are off topic here with 4* troops.

The answer is:

  1. patience
  2. collect every epic troop token you can get ( wanted missions, recruits II, events…) and use them while ninja Event
  3. patience

Have you already some maxed 3* or did you feed your first bane?
Depending on this you will get better advice.


Bane is 2-50

Also I have some leveled 2*

P-Layla 3-8
G-Needler 2-23
B -Olaf 2-19


Melia 1-1
Gato 2-1
Belith 1-1
Azar 1-1
Mnesseus 2-1
Berden 2-1
Gunnar 1-1
Jarvus 1-18
Dawa 1-8

He is 3-50, right?
If so that’s fine, if not do him first

So you can easily follow the advices above.

Do not invest more in 2*

Only feed in color (purple feeders to purple hero…) you gain 20% more XP so and your chances to increase the special skills are doubled.

Generally speaking: fast mana snipers and healers are always a good choice. Brienne, Melia and Gunnar are also very valuable.

Build 3 complete rainbow teams of 3*, then go over to 4*.

Come back here and ask for 4* advice when you have build those 3 rainbow teams of 3*.

Get your training camp up to lvl 20 ASAP. You will get 4* heroes at 20% and 5* heroes at 5% for free, and lots of 3* to complete your roster.

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thank you! I have several 4* but want to concentrate on my 3* for now. I want to enjoy all of the aspects of the game.

I will do as you suggest on leveling two rainbow 3* teams.

I will have to use Layla until I get a 3* purple. I am hoping to get it from TC13.

I am only at stronghold 13 so I am working to get that increased so I can get to TC20.

You are correct that Bane is 3-50

Yes, keep tc13 running for recruits storage and occasionally 3*/4* till you get tc20

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