Need help picking what 3 star heroes to work on, without higher options

I will soon (shortly after I wake up) have a situation where I can’t level up any more 4* heroes, and have to work on 3* heroes. I lack ascension materials for a couple of the Greens.

I finally got a TC up to 20 about a week ago, but have pulled nothing but 3* heroes yet from it. My TC that was running at level 13 has been upgrading as fast as I can push it, but I will stop doing that for a bit to try and get a 4* once it finishes the level it’s gaining now. Epic Hero summon tokens haven’t produced anything above 3* in a while, either. (If Atlantis summon shows up, I do have coins so I can take a couple shots there)

I haven’t really had much trouble finishing the lowest level of challenge events, but it would be nice to have no trouble. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Maxed (or at a wall) 4*:
Blue: Boril, Sonya
Green: Kashhrek, lack ascension materials for: Caedmon, Little John
Purple: Cyprian, Proteus
Red: Boldtusk, Colen
Yellow: Wu Kong x2

Maxed 3*:
Blue: Graymane, Ulmer
Green: Isshtak
Purple: Balthazar, Prisca
Red: Hawkmoon, Jahangir
Yellow: Bane

3* options I have:
Gunnar 1/24
Valen 1/9
Karil 1/1

Belith 2/4
Berden 1/17
Brienne 1/16
Carver 1/15
Friar Tuck 1/12

Renfeld 2/15
Tyrum 1/16
Gill-Ra 1/1

Azar 2/21
Nashgar 2/21

Dawa 2/31
Gan Ju 2/24
Bane - duplicate 1/1
Kailani 1/1

I would go Valen - Belith - Tyrum - Azar - Kailani.

I’m a big Azar/ Gan ju fan.

I prefer Gunnar to Kailani (same skill and using both on the same team would be… overkill?)

Bane and Nashgar both have good uses

Belith is a must have in many situations. I would prioritise her.

You will need Hawkmoon on occation, but having more than 1 is rarely a plus.

I really like carver, but i haven’t heard many others share that opinion.

Valen is great for titans (and other things)

I haven’t lvled any Atlantis 3* yet, though I intend to. Gillra is interesting, but her slow mana makes me cautious.

I can’t give specific advice re class, since it is too new for me to instinctively see whats what, but you should look at what class they all are with a veiw to the new class quests.

I like Brienne. She is a power booster and whenever I look at the winners of the special events, she is well represented.

Agree with posters above.

Brienne & Belith are excellent 3*, Brienne came on titans with 5* heroes until Wu Kong finally joined my team (recently).
Pick either Gunnar or Kailani, I don’t think there is a need for both since the specials over write each other.

Blue: Valen
Green: Brienne & Belith as priorities and the others all serve a purpose, I prefer Berden to the other two b/c of mana speed and a solid hit. Carver serves a purpose with mana control.
Purple: Tyrum
Red: Azar and Nashgar, focus on one and then level the other if no other priority appears
Yellow: Gan Ju and then Bane

For events a yellow stack of Banes and Gan Jus can melt the mobs quickly. Banes accuracy special better on the mobs, Gan Ju is great for Boss mana control.

Yellow / Purple with Balthazar / Tyrum / Bane / Bane / Gan Ju works well, fast, a debuffer, 2x accuracy and mana control…

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