Nature/healer ascension decision


I want two new healers leveled so I’m maxing xnol and one other

In green I can choose from:

Alberich - no costume, max emblems
Second mother north w/ costume - some emblems available
Lady of the Lake w/ costume. - no emblems and is behind xnol and possibly wang yuanji in the queue for them.

None of them likely to be limit-broken any time soon, if ever.

No particularly interesting options in other colours

I’m a big fan of heroes that can affect mana in either direction so my heart is saying Alberich but my head is wondering if he can cut it these days without the costume? His stats could be lagging but I can use him with c-hel for the 2017 fam/element link bonuses if that helps.

My alliance is approx 200 rank so wars aren’t elite tier but they’re not easy either

One alternative I can do is max aegirs costume since I have his base at 80 already with spare paladin blems, so it’s essentially a free shot at making a dusty hero useful, and I can give tonics to Hatter instead. I missed aegirs beta run and can’t imagine anyone was itching to speed-level him so the jury is still out there, I guess.

I don’t know how to make polls so if anyone could add one I’d appreciate it, or any input at all

Have a poll for your troubles!

  • Alberich
  • 2nd Mother North (+ Costume)
  • Lady of the Lake (+ Costume)
  • Who neads heals? Hatter!

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Personally, I would vote for LotL instead of Alby or MN - she really is still one of the best mana controllers out there, with a solid heal to boot - the costume bonus definitely helps, but she still frequently appears in defences without. Of course, she’s now been effectively superseded by waterpipe… but they don’t heal like she does :wink:

On the topic of Aegir & Hatter - don’t get me wrong, Hatter is really good and will prove useful in any situation, so would be my second choice, but I can’t personally say that Aegir’s costume makes him any more viable than he was before (which wasn’t much!)


I voted for the Hatter. I would have voted for LotL, as I have her and love her, but without emblems and without being limit broken, her minions are going to be killed very easily from slash attacks.

I don’t have Alberich, so I cannot speak about him too much, but on defense he does not really give me trouble, but who knows, the family bonus could make a real difference.

Mother North is good on rush, but I don’t use her a lot to recommend a second one.

And anyway, Nature has some great 4* healers - Melendor and Ptolomy get used almost each war


Thank you!! :blush:

I get what you mean about LotL just the emblem issue was the stumbling block.

Thinking though, I could also reset Cristobal for the blems if I really needed to, and replace him with Kingston in attack teams so that’s actually a big plus to add to her


I really do feel you there, and Cristobal is a really powerful hit all and/or sniper - the versatility is great in attack teams!

But, Kingston isn’t one to be sniffed at, and the attack down can be really useful too in just giving the team a little more sustainability - it’s just really whether you want to keep the offensive, or go on a slightly more “weaken the enemy, cut the mana, and outlive and outlast”!

It sounds like you’ve got some flexibility at least, and you can have some fun with whichever option you choose :slight_smile:

But yeah, if in doubt, and if you don’t have any halloween heroes - Hatter is always a dark horse in the race :shushing_face:

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Have a maxed lotl +20 should lb her she is good…

Alby i want, that mana gain can be awesome and a pain i voted for him.

MN Is best used revive in the game …

Tough decision … Non are wrong decisions

Lotl you prob use more in map … Or other quests well i do…

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Hatter does come in clutch at times. He will be more relevant now since hippo is here

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None. Use 4 star healers as you wait for a better/faster 5-star healer

Only take this advice if you are deathly allergic to using slower heroes.

Otherwise id personally go lotl or hatter

I’m alright with it, have a slow hero in 5 out of 6 war attack teams at the minute and they never let me down.
I’m happy to complete that set as I’m convinced on LotL now, thanks everyone.

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I’ll give you a tip. Lvl a few rigards, D’andre or lady woolerton, and limit break them. Use as war healer until you have better 5-star healers. Lvling a slow hero is a bad short-term decision that uses precious materials.

I appreciate that you think you’re helping but I didn’t download the game last week, I’m 6 years in. I’ve got multiple limit broken rigards, boldtusks, d’andres etc. They’re not interesting and at this point I’m leveling heroes for fun. That’s why I made the topic to specific heroes.

I can use north, lidenbrock, vivica and slow attackers every week no matter what the war rules are, they’re great heroes. If you can’t get the best out of them then… Skill issue? :person_shrugging:
The fast and average heroes let me down a lot more often but maybe it’s just playing style.

Charge speed can dictate how you set your attack teams up but it shouldn’t dictate whether or not you use ascension mats though, that’s some 2018 advice.