Dark Lord Vs C. Jabberwock and C. Mother North Vs C. Lady of the Lake?

The last 48 hours have made my levelling plan a but confused after some lucky pulls and the buffs to the villain heroes, so I need some advice.

I currently have 8 Tonics, who do I level out of Costume Mother North and my newly pulled Costume Lady of the Lake?

I do already have Alberich, so have a reviver levelled and emblemmed. I also have Ratatoskr, so have a green 5* healer levelled too.

The other question is, should I level both - I have quite a few green healers already with Rat, Telly and Alby. Rest of my levelled greens for context:

For purples, I was planning on levelling C. Jabberwock next, but the buff received by the Dark Lord has me thinking I should perhaps change my plan. I have 7 tabbards at the moment. Could also level Karnov, but not sure he would be as impactful?;

As for emblems, I have around 1000 cleric emblems saved that could be used for Mother North, but would be starting from about 100 for each of the others and building up

Man, that is tough lol. All 4 are amazing, so you cant go wrong. Given the fact you have a reviver, I would say LOTL. Her regular version is slightly better, but obviously you want the costume bonus as well. Costume MN is easily the best reviver in the game, though. As far as Dark Lord or Jabberwocky, I think that might depend on your playstyle, available emblems, and team synergy. Both deserved to be maxed asap.

Polls for voting:


  • Lady of the Lake (+ Costume)
  • Mother North (+ Costume)
  • Wait/ other options…?

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  • Jabberwock (+ Costume)
  • Dark Lord
  • Karnov
  • Wait/ Other Options…?

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Defense - MN and cJab

Offense - LotL and DL

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I’m in a similar boat to you, but I decided to go with C. MN despite having C. Alby just because she’s too good of a hero to ignore - so she’ll be replacing my C. Alby and C. LoTL will be next!

As for DL, he is amazing and I limit broke him and haven’t regretted it since. Since his buff, he is actually one of my most powerful heroes that I take along to every raid. I just pulled C. Jabberwock the other day and he is great too, I’ll do him next after I’m done with Senan. DL and C. Jabberwock also have great synergy, you could add corrosive poison to an entire team :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the advice everyone!

I’m going to level up Dark Lord to start with I think.

Still a bit torn on the greens, hopefully I will have some more tonics by the time I have to make a decision!

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