Mother North or Lady of the Lake

I need a good healer for my green stack (currently I have only two green legendaries maxed, Telluria and Lady Locke). I love everything about LotL, her character design and especially her unique minions (I’m big on mana control). I was one tonic from ascending her.

And then I got another slow green healer, Mother North who seems to be universally loved here on the forum. She’s my first resurrecting hero and I wonder what would be better, resurrection or mana controlling minions. I can also give more emblems to LotL than MN but seeing how bulky is the latter, I don’t know if she even needs them? Help me choose!

  • Lady of the Lake
  • Mother North

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I probably won’t help you but I had to make a similar decision some time ago. I chose to ascend Alberich first, but I had materials to max Lady of the Lake right away I finished Alb. But after all I put resurrection over Lady’s special

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I love them both. A drawback with MN in your set up (no other healer) is that the heroes are weak when she resurrects. Alby adds hp over time. She doesn’t. They will go right back down. That gives LotL an edge. If you used another healer, even a Telly, I’d go with resurrect over mana minions.


I have LOTL and can say she is a game changer.
But M North is something else. With high emblems MN is a great wing on defense, wars and on V fast raids/ wars she can be extremely difficult to go against. Her Revive is simply a game changer in the longer run. She is amazing on offense.
LOTL can wait for her tonics. My LOTL has held my defense around 2600cups for quite some time. If she fires, you can not lose the raid/ war. She is just so good. I vote for MN as she is pretty versatile.

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Nice problem to have!


I have begun using LotL and heimdall as my off color in 3-2 raids. Having a lot of success. Granted they are both slow but their secondary skill sets are great together when they do go off. Also it allows me to put killers on the strong color as well.

Seems MN would have a similar effect.

Lets not forget that alberich is way better then MN so u did good, i would go MN though

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There are only 3 resurrectors in the game. All are slow heroes of the nature element. While all of them heals, each brings something different to the table, i.e. Alberich heals over time and gives mana over time, Mother North gives minions, and Heimdall boosts health and buffs attack.

On the other hand, a lot of heroes do what she does and can substitute slow Lady of the Lake, albeit you need more than one hero for that. There are plenty of them that can heal (Ratatoskr, Melendor, etc.) , cut mana (Guinevere, Neith, etc.), and summon minions (some even at fast and average mana).

With that being said, both are wonderful heroes, but I’d ascend first Mother North.

I don’t have either hero though. :grin:

if they are for def, considering their specials and stats Mother North will be my first choice. she is more sturdy. on the other hand Lotl can survive after a good tank in attacking team if she is 3.70.

so ı wish i had that problem too, unfortunately not :slight_smile: MN first then LoTL

have fun

A lot of people hold that opinion. I have both MN +19 and Alby+17. MN is much more useful in a variety of different set ups imo. She has better synergies than Alby. With another healer, a Christmas hero, another minion hero, Puss in Boots, LotL, etc., she shines. I easily use her 10x for every Alby use.

In the op, with all green and no other healer, MN isn’t the best, though.

I dont have either of them but when i read cards i see only this:

MN heal and then revive with low hp and its so easy to kill them
Alby: less chances to revive but with way more hp and then heal over time so if u dont have tiles to kill then they are almoust full hp

IMO alby is better

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I would disagree and say that Mother North is better than Alby. She has 50% revival chance vs 33%, which is huge - over 50% more likely to revive. While she only revives others with 10%, they also get a minion with 10% HP/attack from her. She is super tanky (819/1462) compared to Alby (741/1277). Her HP is so high that chances are the 10% minion from her combined with 10% heal will be greater or equal to Albys 23% heal. Plus MN will heal any living hero 30% instantly in addition to the minion. As a cleric, her ability to withstand status ailments more helpful than possible thorn minion. She also has xmas bonus with Santa, Krampus, etc. synergy with Freya and is compatible with all healing heroes.

Alby has higher attack, heal over time and moderate mana gen. The attack is somewhat negated by MN minions creating an extra 10% attack for each while alive. As for the heal over time, that is great for sure, but one downside is it has potential to conflict with other heal over time heroes like tell, cRigard, cMel, Raf, etc.

Bottom line is Mother North is really hard to kill, adds tremendous support to all living heroes, much more likely to revive dead heroes then any other other reviver and has more synergies/less conflicts with overlapping hero abilities.

Letting the debate over alby and MN beside:

Mother North is a very safe hero that can and will turn fights the other way round.
I can recommend to combine with

  • brynhild for mana boost and additional defense.
  • buddy to give additional minion hitpoints

Lotl may be great BUT is random. And if many enemies are left alive it is very likely to lose your swords too fast.

Other good healer imho is costumed melendor with talents (for those who dont own other green healers)

Guys, I don’t have Alby, please stay on topic, I need to know who’s better, MN or LotL. Does anyone have them both?

I have them both and raid with both on offense. An added healer cures the one drawback on MN, which is her revived heroes have low HP. Your problem, if you don’t take another healer in your stack, is they are too weak after resurrect. In that case LotL is better. She’ll also allow you to coast through bosses in events.


Reading cards and playing with them are far different. The card, alone, fails to account for the fact that you have 4 other heroes on your team. MN has better synergies than Alby. MN’s 50% resurrect is huge if you have another healer. In my experience playing with both, this tips the game in your favor far more often than Alby does

Hi, I have them both, and use Lady of the Lake (+14) more frequently than Mother North (+18). I find her heal + mana cutting minions more interesting, even though the ressurection ability from Mother North is very powerful and game changing. However, they both are excellent heroes and deserve to be maxed.

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