Which Green hero to ascend next

Here are my green heroes, looking who will get thr next set of Tonics.

Mother North - obviously a great hero, but she is probably not as much of a priority due to already having Alberich

Guardian Chameleon - was who I was thinking before I pulled Hatter from the hero academy. Think he could be interesting to use, but not sure if I have the skills to use him effectively

Hatter - really like the look of him, but wish he was fast. Seems like the opposite of lady Loki, who looks like a great hero. Would appreciate thoughts of those who have him!

Jade - the most disappointing Ninja. Probably likely to stay on the bench at 1-1 for eternity unless she gets a buff at some point

Zocc - not super impressed, probably won’t get levelled

Kadilen/Elk - won’t ever get levelled unless their costumes appear

Horghall - won’t ever be levelled, even if costume does arrive!

So I think it is between Hatter, Chameleon and Mother North, would really appreciate some advice!

As I have mentioned in another post in some other threads, all three heroes that heal and resurrect fallen allies offer something different on the table. Among the three, Alberich, the medium rezzer, is the squishiest, but regenerates a moderate amount of mana to all allies. Heimdall, the low rezzer, is the beefiest among them and buffs attack and do overheal. Mother North, on the other hand, has the highest chance to revive fallen allies. She is not as sturdy as Heimdall and not as soft as Alberich. She is in the middle. Her insta-heal is useful and her minions provide additional meatshield.

Of all the heroes you have shown, I have most of them, save Frigg, Morgan and the Hatter. Yet I have only Lianna and costume maxed, two of her both versions with one at +7 on the unequipped one, Gregorion+8 opting the mana node talent and supported by my level 17 mana troop, 2 Evelyns but only 1 maxed with +4 talent while the other is at 3/70 for my 2nd monogreen, Albe+19, Telly+20, 3/70 Chameleon, 3/70 Elkanen, 3/70 Kadilen, 3/70 Ratatoskr, 3/70 Atomos, 3/70 Zocc, and 2/51 Horghall. Jade is also at 1/01.

Currently leveling to max my first Christmas hero, Mother North, who is at 3/45, and will serve as my safety net for my 2nd monogreen team.

I didn’t ascend any of those at 3/70 heroes since my 18 tonics are reserved for Mrs. Santa and Rat. The rest are either for Frigg or costumed Kadilen.

Would love to have Hatter, but I am getting less and less impressed on him as time goes by.

So yeah, Mother North. You know how game changing Albe was. I am pretty sure MN is also amazing than the rest.

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Hatter works well with heroes like Lady Loki and Lord Loki. Hatter steals the buffs, Lady Loki removes ailments and disperses it, and Lord Loki just swipes enemy abilities(AOE abilities is what i would prioritize first). Team them up with resurrection heroesike Alby and MN to keep them rolling. and Lord Loki can also function as a medic if need be

He was the first 5* hero I got from the monthly special events and it’s a little bit tricky at the beggining.

Like Lady Loki, you have to use them in the right moment, what could be a bit risky. However, it’s really funny seeing that your enemies casts so many buffs and you can steal them in one hit.

As I have the White rabbit and QoH, I try to use them together so as to get the familiar bonus.

I think you wouldn’t regret maxing him.

Regarding the other green heroes, Kadilen would be an option IF YOU GET her costume.

Guardian chameleon would be a good choice as well.

MN offers the best rate of revival, but you already have Alberich.

I’ve got Zocc but he doesn’t convince me. It’s true that controlling mana is a useful ability, but he can be pretty useless against clerics or monks.

A big NO for Jade. Undoubtedly, the worst 5* ninja.

I’m in the same situation. I have LOTL tel frigg lianna ascended and emblemed. I have almost every green 5*. I am thinking about jade next because I have onyx and cobalt fully ascended but after reading this I have my doubts about jade

If Jade doesn’t get a buff, she’ll remain on my bench. Too passive and even worse than Margaret, whom I hate as well.

Don’t waste your tonics on her (although I see that you have really good green heroes).

I might go Francine to pair with mysteri then

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