Costume Mother North or Costume Alberich

I was really lucky to pull Costume Alberich. Now i have the dilemma of who to give tonics. I think in case of reviving costume mother north is better but i think the mana boost of costume alberich could come handy too.

Who is the better choice (wihtout deeper look into roster, just a comparison between these two)?

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MN with high chance of revival + minions + health boost … alby is good too with his mana


For me… Its mother north… But i also have pengi… But i like the mana gen of orig alby… So it’s a good place to be… But still… Miss north for me.

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My vote goes to Alby Just coz I see him a lot better


  • Costume Mother North
  • Costume Alberich

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Thanks @Japtrian

I was just about to create a new post and ask the same question

I’m lucky enough to have Toxicandra (LB) and Tarlak and now I need to decide who to max next and I have C-MN, C-Alberich and Heimdall all waiting for mats and I can get only level up one!

They are all healers! They are all slow! They all resurrect!

I’m tending towards C-Alberich to be honest as that mana generation is too good to ignore!
And I have C-Athena to combine with him for 2017 HoTM bonus!! That’s more mana generation!

Good luck @Japtrian :green_heart:

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Funny I am in the same boat. I chose Costume Mother North as I had the full set of spare Cleric emblems. On costume Alberich I am a little light on Druids so that is more down the road. I would sincerely cosider which emblems you have to sparre as the choice is close and great on both. Eventually both should be ascended and loaded up!!


The combination of cAlberich and cAthena sounds great. I could fully understand if you go for cAlberich :wink:

At the moment I am leaning towards cMother North, because she gets the job of reviving better done. But as mentioned the mana regeneration from Alberich is just pretty good. In fact, everythin thats manipulates mana (positive or negative) is really strongin my opinion.

I think i will have to think deeply about this decision. I wish you good luck too @Luna <3

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Thx for making the poll =)