My Verdict on Thorne - Totally Worth It!

I haven’t posted in a while so let’s cut to the chase.

I got Thorne from tc20 a while back. I leveled him to 2/60 and let him stay there for a really long time, because of all the negative assessment of him on the forum. I thought he was a totally useless hero. But that all changed about two weeks ago. My alliance mates encouraged me to max Thorne. And as a F2P, I don’t get great heroes on a regular basis. So I decided to work on Thorne. I powered leveled him and got him to talent +7. After two weeks of using him in all occasions (map, wars, events, raids… etc), I am here to confidently say that Thorne is definitely a “worth it” hero!

First of all, at +7 talent (I went the defense+life path), Thorne is highly durable. He makes an effective punchbag to protect my other heroes.

Second, in many situations, Thorne is an efficient finish striker. For example, when stacking against red titans or tanks, I always bring my favorite combo: Kiril - Grimm - Thorne. If their specials go off at the same time, I can pretty decimate the enemies.

In conclusion, despite all the bad comments about him, I personally am very glad I maxed Thorne. I think everyone should level him; and especially so if you are f2p. You will not regret it!


I’m still struggling with a decision between Thorne and Magni, and the time to decide is coming up fast. Magni is at 3-68, Thorne is at 3-70.

Two key factors are making this a tough decision:

  • I have Triton+16 (will be going to +18 when I can)… he is better than 3-70 Magni
  • I have Frida+7 and Grimm+18… and Thorne’s special charges at the same speed as theirs, making for a very powerful 1-2-3 hit when they charge up.

Not much survives Frida+Grimm+Thorne; but sometimes the middle target dies from just Frida+Grimm, leaving Thorne to choose between one of the sides - often killing the one that has -Def & -IceDef on it, and doing a little damage to another hero. By contrast, using Triton (or Magni if I ascend him) allows me to nearly guarantee to kill one of the sides, if Thorne wouldn’t have finished the job.

EDIT: Also notable… I typically 3-2 stack when I attack - three of the strong color vs. the tank, and the other two are usually Kunchen+7 and Proteus+19 (charges in 9 tiles, woot!). It works well for me, but it means I would never take Frida+Grimm+Thorne+Magni/Triton for a 4-1 stack.

Decisions, decisions… :wink: I have 8 scopes and 9 capes, so whoever I pick, the other will be waiting a while. OR… I just let them both hang out at 3-70 and see if some other blue pops up someday. But what would I be waiting for? I usually do a 10-pull each month for Atlantis, but I’ve never done a 30-pull. So the odds of me specifically targeting a better blue are slim.

Ah well, better to have this decision, than having these two at 3-70 and only 4 scopes. :wink:

Good gaming!

Magni over Thorne that’s an easy one.


No offense, but if you you are seriously considering wasting scopes on Thorne over Magni, well…anything I say in full honesty will get me banned. Nevermind, max him and waste emblems on him, too. If you are f2p, totally acceptable :grin:

I’m really curious to see Thorne costume.

Quintus costume was cool as art graphic, but really meh as skills.
Making him another Horghall which is questionable one of the worst heroes avalaible, doesn’t add anything to him.
Like a Guinevre emblem path.
Raise your stat and that’s it.

I really hope they don’t do the same mistake with Thorne.
Making him another Richard would just add shame on him.

Can’t say i’m in favor to make him OP either (many suggestion ask for some time freeze or mana skill related, which is ridicoulous)

On blue territory i see as potential skill implement such:

  • elemental green defence (not my favourite)
  • spirit link on 3? (could be interesting)

Otherwise we can totally change direction (as Lianna and Quintus did previously) giving him a totally off color skill such as

  • some kind of DoT
  • Dispel on one/three

Or making a brand new skill:

  • special skill debuff (some kind of opposite Kadilen’s skill)

Every 5* hero is better than the vast majority of 4* heroes. If you have no other 5* option, the only passable reason not to ascend Thorne or other 5* heroes of poor reputation, would be to save ascension materials for a better hero. Most of the time, it’s just not worth waiting for that better hero. Certainly if you have enough or even nearly enough materials to ascend two, there’s no good reason to wait.

But among the 5* heroes, Thorne is still not a first choice. I might pick him over Master Lepus or Rumpelstiltskin, neither of which impress me the least, and neither of which suit my play style. But if I had any other blue 5*, I would not be maxing Thorne.

… of course, my only other blue 5* at the moment is a second Thorne, so I happen to be maxing Thorne … but I have 7 scopes and 24 capes for my as-yet-missing Magni or any other good blue 5* that might drop by. :slight_smile:


Finally someone who appreciate Thorne. I have been using him a lot from the very beginning in offense teamed up with Grimm or Frida, or both.

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Thorne will be superb. Emblemed him is tough to take down and would compliment another def down and healer hero.

If costume for him comes up, I can imagine he will suddenly rise up in the ranks.

You talented him on the right path. :wink:


Don’t need to give him secondary skills.

All the costume needs to do is raise his stats and change his skill from hit 1 minor 2 to hit all 3 with same damage without dropping the %. That alone will him a monster.


Yes, I am a f2p. Poor student with college loan lol.

I actually agree with you. I like Thorne; but I do not deny that there are better heroes out there. If I had other options like Frida or Magni, then I would definitely prioritize them over Thorne. However, since I am f2p and do not summon a lot, it is better to play with what I have than waiting for a hero that I may never get. So in my case, maxing and emblemming Thorne is a decision I will never regret.


Thorne is one of those heroes that really is sub-par until maxed. He can hit hard, but it’s getting that hit in that is the problem. Maxed he can be a decent hero. The problem is there are so many other better blue heroes than him, including Magni (who really also needs to be maxed to be at his best) and Richard.

I am f2p. For me Thorne would be 4th or 5th to max among the 5* (but I also have Ariel).


I just wanted to come back to this old thread to express my content with Thorne.

I have been able to stay in the diamond arena for the past two weeks because I am using Thorne +11 as my tank. My previous tank was Vivica +9 and somehow she just could not manage to do her job properly. I got raided back to platinum all the time.
So yea, I am very happy with Thorne and I do not regret spending emblems on him. Way to go, Wielder of Frostmorrow!


Not saying Q is the best costume out there by any means.

But I think it’s a little off to say he’s like a purple Horghall. Yes they have the same special, but 150 extra attack isn’t like a minor distinction here. That is devastating.

Thorne is the only blue I don’t have from tc20. First let me say magni ALL DAY over Thorne esp with Grimm and Frida.
I also have and love Triton but as good as he is, magni is better but you can’t see it at 3.70. at max he hits crazy hard plus he puts up a def buff for him and 2 allies(so try not to put in wing if you can).
Thorne is fine but when Richard outshines you that is bad. Richard is nearly the same but also has second effect. You see Richard tanks on occasion but never Thorne
Remember that he may work now but as you move up heroes get stronger and you will want everything you can get from a hero. Maybe his costume will help but that’s a stretch.
If you haven’t already done Thorne don’t. Magni magni magni. Don’t take my word, go to and check each in top 100 teams and you’ll see magni in or near top 10 but Thorne is nowhere close.
I wouldnt level him even as ftp I’d wait for any other blue. Magniz Isarnia or Richard are better .
Other heroes get put down but aren’t that bad. But in this case Thorne is that bad. I mean that too about not leveling as ftp. I was c2p now f2p but don’t have him and don’t want him. I have magni max plus dupe, Isarnia at 2.60 going up plus dupe and Richard who I’m leveling for a paladin since Sonya is my only one right now that’s maxed(cyorian was very late to arrive ).

Thorne is bad. How he didn’t get a new skill in v20 idk. They changed stats but who cares. Look at him vs Richard. Tell me how you could justify Thorne over Richard let alone magni or even Isarnia at slow Mana

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Sorry to reply and keep this old dead topic open but the suggestion is basically what khagan got, stat boost plus hit 3 instead of 1 plus minor(splash vs A3E). He’s still meh and slow making it much worse. He’s ok tank but all other red 5s are better from tc20.

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I agree that Mangi, Isarnia or Richard are better than Thorne.

The only issue is that… I do not have any of them :rofl:

Thorne is the only blue 5* I have so I do not have any other choice. But after leveling him and giving him emblems, I found he’s actually a pretty decent hero.

You need to play with what you have, right? I could have chosen to wait for a better hero. But after months of playing, I still haven’t gotten them. The best hero means nothing if I do not have them. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Instead, working on a hero that I actually have, no matter how unpopular he is, is a lot better to my progress.

Hopefully I will get lucky and pull Arthur next month. :laughing:


A kindred spirit. Until managing to pull two Velas this month, my legendary blues were Thorne and Thorne. Theoretically, a better hero could pop out of my TC 20s tomorrow. And theoretically, they might not for a long time, considering I still don’t have a legendary green. I maxed one Thorne for the same reasons as you. He’s underwhelming, but when you need a blue hero that hits harder than Sonya and isn’t so fragile as Grimm, he’ll do. I didn’t have much luck with him at tank, but I’m glad you have. I do trot him out every war, on my red titan team, and in most of my blue stacks on raid offense. In short, I do better with him than I would without him. In that sense, I agree with the post title - totally worth it.


I could not agree more.

I understand why many people do not like Thorne and would not ascend him; but I also feel most of these players are spenders who have a truckload of Arthurs, Fridas, Magnis, or even Richards. I would not look at Thorne either if I had so many options.

But Alas, I am f2p who does not do a lot of pulls. In this sense, Thorne is not a bad hero at all.


I’m ftp now too and wasn’t pulling a lot before either yet running 3 tc 20 s got every sniper but sartana and Mariana plus dupes of join and magni. I also have all but alzar, elk, Quintus and thorns and that’d from about 3 months of tc20 running 3 all the time. By 100 pulls I had 7 original heroes no dupes plus joon and mitsuko from summons. I have horghall but won’t level him. Yes you play who you have but also should consider the no regrets leveling. Search the forum but basically if you were to level hero x but got hero y and that’s the one you want, would you regret max x. Basically you should have enough mats so if you did max x but get y you could level them right away, thus no regrets,

Getting Arthur is tiny odds vs getting tc heroes. They r about 1% vs about 5 from tc20. I now have more heroes than mats plus I have another month to collect Sunday after atl in 3 tc20. And they’ll be loaded up again for next month. Might get sartama or Marjana and right there I practice what I preach.
I have khagan and elena at 3.70 and 2.60 but won’t give either rings since I have 9 but if marjana pops up I won’t have to wait for more rings thus no regrets.
But if it makes u happy do it. Its a game at end of day for fun so like some use danza for fun others don’t since he’s risky. Whatever your style is play it. Plus holding forever is nuts too as always a new hotm is out or in beta plus s3 plus new event heroes so you could never move. That’s why I wait to get second mats then I will level someone . I actually maxed grimble but have tabbards for sartana. I have domitia max with emblems and obakan at 1.1 and was going to max him but grimble came out. He’s niche but might help in events on some bosses but having those mats for sartana made it easier to do. That plus his skill is hilarious to watch …lol.

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I have him and two sonyas as paladins. I took the two twins due their debut. I have two grumbles about Thorne 1) he JUST hits is a way like Lianna but slower and the his att factor but that can easily upped with emblems with and def/att pattern turn hit into a very studiedly tank. That my plan after I get the last two emblem step on the young twin. The older is already +20 with a max costume

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