How much difference will Thorne make to my blue stack?

Thorne was one of the 1st 5*s that I pulled from my T20 this was prenerf so I was disappointed. Having faced him in raids I started to have a greater level of appreciation for him. My current blue stack is;

CB Kiril +6 Grimm +18 Magni +2 Valeria +1 and CB Sonya +20

Obviously if I maxed Thorne he would replace Valeria, I’m imagining the combo of Kiril, Grimm, Thorne is absolutely devastating but would love some feedback from others who play him.

I have 8 scopes and 12 capes and am not currently leveling any blue heroes. I’m also sitting on 170 paladin emblems as after maxing Tibs I don’t really have another candidate for them.

Thorne is seriously underrated in the forums. He came late to my roster if not i would have leveled him. He hits hard enough to improve considerably your ice offensive. He would be sturdier than valeria and would benefit a lot from your Kiril.

So, there are better ice heroes outside, the thing here is asking yourself how many pulls are you going to do? Are you going to pull a better ice hero any soon?(we cant know it) but if you run HA 10 or do lots of valhalla summons you may be pulling a better ice hero. But better play with heroes you already have right?

Thorne is getting a very useful costume too. OFC you need to pull it first. But there is this extra motivation


Well, I don’t have Valeria for comparison, but as the forum’s resident Thorne defender, I’m gonna say this would be an upgrade. Even after his latest buff, Thorne’s special by itself doesn’t leave quite a big enough dent in most defenses, especially now that they are mostly heavily emblemed. However, when stacked with attack up and defense down, you really start to notice, and as you correctly point out, charging at average speed (i.e. at the same time as Kiril and Grimm) is a feature, not a bug, of using Thorne. Honestly, he’s part of my 3-2 blue stack more often than not these days, but my mono blue stack of C. Kiril, C. Sonya, Thorne, Magni, and Vela is pretty deadly. And Isarnia is on the way, so I can switch Kiril back out of costume.

If you are going to emblem Thorne, I recommend going down the attack path. He’s already very sturdy, and with the paladin talent and the bonuses you’ll just kind of pick up along the way, he’s a hoss. Make that attack hit even harder. That’s what he’s for. I have Thorne at +16, which means I’ve taken the last attack node available to me, and his attack is now at 732. At 480% to the center target, that’s nothing to sneeze at.

I agree that Thorne’s costume looks very usable, but I’m honestly hoping to pull it just for the stat bonus. With a 5% boost to attack, you’re up to 769, and with the mana boost, you could probably get him to charge in 9 tiles with a decent blue mana troop. That’d be pretty dang sweet.

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Thanks @Lexxtarc. I’m F2P but am planning on doing as many pulls as possible in December. I’ll probably do a 10 pull on costume and between costume Atlantis Coins, Challenge Coins, EHT, Legend Coins, Tower Coins, and Valhalla Coins I should get at least 12-15 more pulls. If I get the HOTM early it might change my strategy though.


Its up to you if you want to hold on a little bit those Telescopes. (Krampus on Christmas looks so good but hard to get)

Im also a kind of thorne defender(such a great card art lol) . Seriously , noble summarized very well why anyone shouldnt downgrade thorne so quickly. He is very usable and will be an important upgrade to your ice heroes.


Probably going to hold my EHT till the end of the month and if I haven’t pulled the HOTM yet then make one last ditch effort. I like the Xmas heroes but I like the bunnies more.

@Lexxtarc, just checked out Krampus and agreed he looks amazing! Kind of a blue Telly. I desperately need a tank too. Currently playing with Elk +14.

I do have Valeria but not Thorne. I think that unless you face a lot of enemy healers, Thorne will be an upgrade over Valeria. He would do amazing damage following Kiril and Grimm - and better to outright kill an enemy than steal their healing.

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Thorne was my first 5* hero to reach level 80 and he was part of my 3-1-1 red raiding team for a long time. He only recently got displaced by Onyx. He’s at 14 emblems at the moment and with a level 18 mana troop, he charges at good speed too.
Using the attack/hp path, his current stats are 717/811/1487

I have cKiril and Grimm maxed as well and they form the base for my 2nd strongest team in wars. I don’t have any hesitation using that team against teams 300 points higher.

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Kiril, grim and thorne kills the target and seriously damages nearby enemies even without emblems on thorne since grimm also damages after kiril’s buff. They charge at the same time, so their skills will be consecutively fired.

You would rather kill an enemy hero than put status ailment. And i have been using that combo for quite a long time now since thorne is my second blue 5* maxed.

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Just saw your other question about where to do the 10 pull. The November HOTM Glenda gives +40% special skill damage to nearby allies and she is average speed as well. Not sure if I would go for a 10 in Valhalla, but she’ll push Thorne to 520% (if I understand her skill correctly)

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I wouldn’t have the mats to do both. I’m holding out all my summons for December. Prefer Reuben. Thanks for the advice though @Liam_K!

You don’t need to get Glenda to 80 for the +40%, just max her special skill to 8/8. I’m keeping my EHTs and gems for Dec/Jan too, so maybe can get lucky with the Valhalla coins

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Thorne would be a great upgrade. But as an often too logical person, there is always ascention regret. You pull a game changer Blue 5 star and now you have to wait 3 months to pull another 4 scopes, you’ll be pulling your hair out. I am experiencing exactly this while I maxed Raffael and am staring at an unlevelled Skadi.


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I can always play him at 3/70 for a while or at least until the end of December. Be a shame to have to wait if I’m able to pull Krampus for example. Thanks @Chadmo!

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Smart pal! I tend to wait until I have 10 of the 4* MATS before I pull the trigger on a hero I want to ascend. Unless I’m 100% sure, I try to use caution. Some heroes just need the MATs right away, Thorne isn’t one of those.



Nevermind, I pulled Magni’s costume in the costume chamber. For defense I’m thinking;

Joon Magni-C Elk Anzogh/Marj Sartana

I’m also going to level my second Magni so I can run both in costume and out of costume in raids.

Does this make Grimm some what redundant?

Can’t decide what my blue stack should eventually be but I’m think Magni Magni-C Sonya Kiril Kiril-C

Any suggestions/comments would be appreciated.

I dont think grimm is redundant. I’d hit the enemy with grimm first then magni hits harder but you might like running two healers. Try both

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Thanks @CJsDoll! It’s going to take me a long time to max both Magni’s and their costumes and I haven’t maxed my second Kiril yet so I’ll have a lot of time to play with combos. Worth keeping in mind that in my mono blue raids the fasts almost always fire before the average mana speeds. The triple punch of Magni-C, Magni, Sonya will do a lot of damage then you follow that up with Kiril, Kiril-C… Probably put the Kirils on either side of the uncostumed Magni.

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