Thorne's value to a f2p?

Hi, all. I am a 100% f2p, which makes getting great heroes a long and painful process. After about 8 months of playing, so far I only have 2 legendary heroes: Vivica from an Atlantis pull, and Thorne from TC20.

Now, Vivica is definitely a good hero and I am already in the process of maxing her (finally got the last dart from the rare quest!). But my question is with Thorne. From what I read on this forum, Thorne is universally voted one of the worst 5* heroes in the game. But for a f2p such as myself, getting a 5* is extremely difficult. I do have enough materials to fully ascend him, but I am not sure if I should. I consulted with folks in my alliance. Some say I should only bring him to 2/60; some say at least bring him to 3/70; and there are those who say I should play with what I have and bring him all the way to 4/80.

So I just wanted to open up this question on the forum: What is Thorne’s value to a f2p? Should I spend any non-farmable material on him at all, or should I just bring him to 2/60 and save my materials? Thank you!


If you’re strictly f2p and don’t see yourself spending anytime in the near future then I’d definitely level up Thorne.


Thanks for the advice! Yea, I am leaning toward bringing him up to least 3/70. I have enough capes to spare; but I do not think I want to spend my telescopes yet on him.

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Up up all the way.
He hits hard and isn’t that bad.


Agree. I’m in the same situation as OP. Right now, I’m maxing Boril, and if I draw Kiril (:crossed_fingers:), he will jump ahead of Thorne as well. I figure all that time is a reasonable buffer. If I don’t pull a better blue five-star in that time, Thorne is on the move. Sadly, at 2^60, he’d be my second-best paladin, so I need him that high for class trials anyway. Capes are relatively common (compared to scopes), so going to 3^70 isn’t unreasonable. By that time, you should have an idea whether he is worth scopes to you. If nothing else, he should be a member of one of your war teams at 3^70, although it’s more expensive to get him there than a four-star.


I am in exactly the same boat as you.

I have so many other heroes to level and max: Vivica, Proteus #2, Rigard, Gretel, Kashhrek… hopefully, in the meantime, I can pull another great 5* blue hero (Magni would be nice lol). If not, then I will start working on Thorne.


Yes, don’t hurry up to max him, but if he’ll be there without another option do it. Probably Magni comes up a week later, but if you wait, that won’t happen.

I was lucky to get Magni before Thorne, so he is still 1-1, but when i finish Magni and Grimm, I will probably upgrade Thorne at least to 3-70. Because i wont have the telescopes for more. When i got them i will max him unless there is another 5* blue on my roster

Ascend whoever whenever you’ll be able to. Mats will come faster with stronger heroes and you’ll never know, if there’ll be another option ever at all.


Great point. That is basically what my alliance advised me: focus on what you do have instead of what you wish you had.


That’s the point, especially for f2p.


Well… You could be a f2p always. I received 3 azlars, 2 thorne, 2 sartanas, 2 justices, 2 horgahls, 1 Leonidas, only on Tc20. Just bring 4 CTs to 20 an make them. In 25 days I received 5 heros 5*… Free to play. Since January


Nice! You are very lucky.

I have 2 training camps at lvl20. A third one is being upgraded (currently sitting at lvl12). I use my fourth camp to keep training at lvl11.

Not sure I have anything strategic to add; I just want to commend you for having a cool attitude about it. It’s nice to see, instead of whining about the RNG, rigged summons :roll_eyes:, etc. I wish you good luck.

Edited to add: also, I see some amount of Thorne tanks in Diamond.


Every hero is valuable to a f2p. The only reason people here think Thorne is useless it’s because they compare him to all the Fridas, Magnis and Arthurs out there.

Don’t compare Thorne with other blue 5* heroes you may or may not get, compare him with heroes you already have and decide if he’s gonna benefit your team or not by giving him ascension mats. Would he be a better hitter than any of your 4* star heroes? Would he be a better tank for your defense team? If you’re still unsure just bring him to 3/70 and wait.

It will probably be a long wait till you get the hero you want tho.


I give you my experience, as a F2P since October 2017… Thorne was my 1st 5* from TC20, and I received it in July 2018. I maxed him immediately.
Starting from August 2018, I’m running 3 TC20 continuously. Well, my second 5blu was Magni, got only in December 2018 (I got 2 of them in one week, by the way!).
By the time I got a second 5
blu, I already had collected all the ascension materials required to max him.
Therefore, my suggestion is: go and grow Thorne up!

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Bring him to 3/70 without question.

Then, Ascend him only once you have DOUBLE the mats to bring him up. In the lonnnng time it will take to get 12 scopes, a better blue may come. If not, you can ascend him and then not regret it if 3 weeks later you get Richard or Alasie or Ariel… because you’ll have the mats for them too.


For F2P or C2P, I’m the latter, and imo; if you are unsure about a hero, wait to have 12 of the needed 4* mats before ascending them.

This will ensure that if you pull a good hero later, you won’t have regrets, because you’ll still be able to work on them.

I pulled Horghall myself a little while back. He’s not necessarily unusable – I think all 5*s are usable, just some more than others – but he is subpar compared to other 5* heroes. So my plan is to hold my tonics until I get 12 of them.

That way, if I get lucky and pull someone like Lianna or a green HOTM, I won’t have regrets because I know I still have mats to spend.

As for Thorne, he’s gotten a decent buff in v20 to make his damage output much closer to what you would expect from a 5* hero.

In my case, I also have Caedmon who I’m leveling right now, with Kashhrek next for raid tournaments. So it’s not like I’m in a rush to start feeding trainers to Horghall. So if you have any other blue 4* heroes that you haven’t started (or 3*s for event quests / raid tournaments), you can do them first too; they don’t take as long and they also don’t need expensive rare items to ascend.


I take a hybrid approach (and am C2P) like @DaveCozy . I always hold one set of 5* mats in reserve (at least the high quantity ones like like scopes/capes in this case). If I have an average hero, like Thorne, and I get to 12 scopes, I use a set to balance progress and frustration avoidance when Magni drops in your lap right after you spend them lol.

Thank you! Yea, to me this is just a game to help me pass time and add a bit of fun to life. Since I am not spending any money, I am happy with any result I get.

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