Thorne worth it?

Just pulled him on a ten pull… Is he worth it?

I like him. He can make a punch, If you have level 23 mana ice troop you can down him to 9 tiles(please correct me if im wrong). So, if you should level him or not will depend in who else 5 * blue you get there in your roster.



It depends on your spending habits. If you spend a lot then no, you will get better heroes. If you don’t spend much or not at all, then yes he is a good-hitting hero to have available. I wouldn’t max him as first 5* blue though, Isarnia or Magni are both great heroes and even Richard is more useful overall.


In my honest opinion yes - pair him with a good level Grimm and his punch can be devastating.
I levelled him and he is in my mono blue team:
Costume Magni, Grimm, Krampus, Costume Bonus Magni and Thorne

My rundown on Thorne:

If you get his costume, he turns into a blue Lianna, so a definite yes. Otherwise it depends on your roster and whether you spend a lot. If you do, no wait for better heroes, but if you’re free/cheap to play and he’s your only 5* blue, he’s serviceable.


He’s sturdy and his special punches hard. His tile damage isn’t so hot.

Overall, he’s not nearly as bad as you’d think reading the forum.

Strange mono. Why not replace Grimm to Kiril? You already have a def down.

And yes. C. Magni and Thorne = death.

I must admit I occasionally swap out Grimm for Kiril, if I want to take a healer etc too
And I sometimes swap out Krampus for Richard- but it’s mainly Krampus these says

Krampus is very good. I am short in scopes, but I will level him ASAP.

Kiril should be main, mono without healer is too risky.

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With the caveat that he will still be average speed rather than fast. Still his costume is a thumbs up!

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Like everything in this game, it depends on where you are in the game and your actual roster.

I have him in my 3rd account (born August 2018), he was my first blue legendary, so I leveled him up when reached 12 scopes, now he is at +19.

He was my tank until a few weeks ago that PiB took his place, and he did a fairly good job there.

In attack, paired with Grimm he is great, he hits the target almost-Magni hard, plus 2 next heroes.

He only is the worst S1 blue legendary because he competes with Magni, Isarnia and Richard (whose only advantage over Thorne is that reduces target/sides attack), but he is actually not bad at all.

Now, if you have Magni or Richard, it’s a different story.

Bottom line, if you lack another blue or a decent tank he can be helpful, but if your blue roster is already decent, better send him to the Academy.

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Thank you all for the input!!

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