My new found friend

Apologies if this has been discussed before, I’ve just come to realise Isarnia is running stronger tile damage than Elena is atm for me, both fully ascended and level 5 talents. Must be my troop difference blue 416 red 411 but I’ve seen Isarnia get lots of stick in the past and in case anyone has her and has held off ascending her because of said flack i just want to say she’s turned out pretty good. Strong gal. Also a question to you guys, I’m running her in tank position atm would you recommend that or not? I’m struggling with placements in my war team, just feels like I’ve placed them wrong. Elena needs flanking to share her counter, Kage I’ve read is best as tank flank, Alby needs to be in his corner Leo is in the corner due to me wanting Isarnia’s special to have an affect at least as it’s useless by herself.


It would be a class tree difference actually, and it makes sense because Wizard class tree gets the attack node on the right first, before the Fighter tree on the left (+6 is when Elena gets the attack bump) :slight_smile:

I agree fully regarding Isarnia, she may be slow but she’s a wrecking ball when she uses her skill. -44% defense down is nothing to sneeze at.

Elena and Isarnia’s skills are good for tank position, but their stats are not. They’re both very squishy.

For war defenses with color-coordinated tanks, they are a bit better as tanks (though still not ideal). Since the opponent is color-stacking less often, more likely for their skills to go off then.

Personally I wouldn’t use them on a defense team, unless you don’t have better options. Their stats (slow speed aside) are better suited for an offensive role


Thank you bud, appreciated advice as always. Alternative reds 3 70 Anzogh and 2nd ascension Grazul and Khagan, blue are 3 70 Magni (he will replace her when fully ascended), 3 23 Miki and 3 08 Thorne. I’m levelling Kingston to replace Alby and Vivica to replace Leo due to too many slow heroes ( Isarnia Alby for Magni Vivica to maintain a healer and gain a fasty Magni). I chose to ascend Kage over Sartana 2 days ago with advice from Rigs and the guys, I’m glad i did he’s fun to use.


Sorry Kingston for Alby Viv for Leo Magni for Isarnia is what i meant