Aegir or Isarnia paired with Elena?

I finished Aegir at 3/70, thinking for a long time if I shall use my telescopes on him as he was my only blue 5* hero… But today I was lucky to pull Isarnia.
The rest of my 5* team is : maxed Elena as a tank, Lianna nearly maxed , Leonidas 3/70 waiting for last poison dart and Victor 4/33
should I start to work on Isarnia and give telescops to her?
I am leaning to Isarnia … Elena as a tank, flanked with Isarnia and Leonidas or Lianna , Victor + Lianna/Leonidas in corners

Aegir doesnt prove him to be very useful yet, only paired with Wu-Kong , but I am afraid if two slow heroes could be an issue, and the next thing is that I dont have any other 5* healer /and from 4* healers I have only Kiril, Kasshrek and Sabina/.

thank you very much for your advices!

Aegir is possibly the worst 5* hero. I have him at 4/80 and he is not worth it. Not sure why 7DD ranked him as A grade instead of C grade. I’d go with just about any 5* blue before Aegir, except maybe Thorne (unfortunately those are the only 2 I’ve pulled so far)


Isarnia is very strong, usually having slow heroes in the corner isn’t good but I suggest you this composition once you’ll have your heroes maxed:

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do not stick isarnia in th corner. she’s wasted there. put her next to the tank. slow heroes in the corner that aren’t albi are just wasted.

if those are your defense team heroes, I would set them in this order

Victor Isarnia Leo Elena Lianna

fast in corners and slow next to tank where they will get charged up more and actually fire before it matters. Isarnia in particular needs other heroes alive so that her debuff turns slash attacks into murder hits.

EDIT. that’s assuming they are all 80 or close to it.


Little off-topic: where do you find these images and/how do you compose them in that way? I’d love to use it in our alliance Line chat.

You can find them on :wink:
I usually copy them on paint but you can also do/edit screenshots by your smartphone!

They are so useful when sharing insights!

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The main reason for Isarnia to be put on the corner were to increase Leonida’s chances to benefits from Victor’s DEF buff: if Leonidas would survive some rounds and cast his special then the slower heroes would be likely to cast before the raid would end.

With a more solid tank as Delilah I would have suggested as you, flanking her with them but I don’t think that Leonidas would hold without an early help from Victor.

oI think you’re overestimating the effectiveness of 3 turns of only +30% defense. it’s nowhere near th benefit that viv or magni get. IMO Isarnia at flank will lead to more wins than shoving her in corner for victor.

If you reall want to do that, then flank both Isarnia and Victor and either shove elena in he corner (she’s weak) or replace her with a different hero. Elena is the weakest of that group by a long shot

DEF buff on a auto-healing hero isn’t bad, even if it is only +30%

I know but while she could be great as flank she would lose effectiveness in a corner and the OP didn’t posted any other red hero :man_shrugging:

she isn’t great as a flank. she’s just weak (as a 5 star). if that’s all he has for reds, if it were me, my first choice would be the order I posted earlier (assuming all heroes are max 80, if some are 70 that changes things and probably take them out for max 4s): victor isarnia leo elena lianna.

If they REALLY feel that Leo won’t work without victor next to him (I would say Leo will be just fine and you’ll win more with him in the corner with that specific lineup), then I’d still shove elena in the corner and do this:

lianna isarnia leo victor elena

Reason being that Isarnia flanked will lead to more victories than Elena flanked and elena is the clear weakest of that group. But honestly I’d throw a fast 4* in before sticking Elena in the corner.

Does seem like the best option

While I wouldn’t put Elena on a corner (and I still think that Victor would be needed as flank) even I would remove Elena from the formation if a faster hero were at disposal.

Riposte heroes aren’t that great on high platinum and diamond but to me a flanking Elena isn’t as bad as other would think (to me she would be a better flanker than Azlar) but Elenas damage isn’t half bad and a riposte without a ready dispel is on pair with Isarnia’s DEF debuff without a DEF buffing/cleanse hero ready to fire.

azlar is a tougher foe than elena in my mind

There’s 5 fast mana dispellers

Only 1 fast mana cleanser

Well, dispel is more available than cleanse but a -DEF debuff could also be converted by +DEF, without talking about how generally good green attacker heroes are and how mediocre are most of the blues (not talking about core heroes).

Speed is also important but against slow heroes smart attackers will always prevail if bad boards wouldn’t exists, be it a dispel, a buff or a cleanse needed to revert defender’s special.

Thanks a lot guys for your help. I’ll start with Isarnia as a flank and I’ll see … and I’ll try to get some fast red.

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