My healer roster


Aegir Delilah Kunchen Rigard Melandor BT

Not maxed
Aeron on 2 Vivica on 3 Grazul on 3

3x kiril 2x melandor 2x rigard 2x bt 1x sabina all 1 1 .

I don’t like sabina and aeron and I am going to bring Grazul to max.

To get a good roster should I take vivica to 4 ?and what other healer do you recommend?

I like Vivica at 4th tier—she is on my anti-purple titan team and is useful against the increasing number of Kunchen tanks.

I have 2x Kiril, 2x BT and 2x Rigard for wars. I plan on bringing up my first Sabina and (possibly) embleming her to serve as a riposte cleanser and general tile damage booster.


2 Kiril urgently. You don’t even need a cleanser in most battles, with those buffs. Besides, you meet a lots of strong reds in war. I have also 2 healers of each one 4*.

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Nice group. I would recommend lvling kiril and dupe rigard / BT along with Viv.

I have two of each as well. Still debating on Sabina (she’s been 3/60 for a few months) dislike her and Mel for being too fragile.

You’d be surprised how flexible they allow your war rosters to be. Might not always use them but the 4* don’t take too much to max.

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Think you’re missing out ignoring Aeron. He’s common in diamond for a reason.


This was this morning without Aeron… lol

@Halifax Is Aeron a HoTM or an event hero?

Hotm and 20 characters

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@VFROOD You think he’ll be in rotation in Atlantis summons soon?

Not this month…

Bummer. Well, I am hoping to get another 5 star soon to accompany Leonidas. As he is my lone 5 star at the moment.

Definitely max at least one Kiril. The defense boost has helped my heroes survive attacks that would otherwise kill them.

Dupes of BT, Kiril and Rigard are great for war depth.

You have one Melendor maxed; why not one Sabina too? She’s like a purple Melendor, and would be great for instances when Melendor isn’t suitable (say, against Red buffers like Ares or opponent BT).

Vivica is an amazing healer, and more importantly one of the few Yellow healers, and I think the only Yellow cleanser. There will be instances when she’s better to bring along than Delilah. Definitely worth maxing IMO, wish I had her.

Aeron can be useful, but I see why you might not like him if you already have Kunchen or Rigard or Grazul, who also cleanse. I only have Aeron among the 3 though, and there were times when it was more useful to prevent a status effect (like Azlar’s DOT or Kunchen’s defense debuff), than to wait until the next turn to cleanse it. But I agree that Aeron could be lower priority.


2 of all 4* healers, 1 BT/Kiril/Rigard maxed. Waiting for a shield to finish Mel who’s at 3/60, and finally decided to level Sabina.

For 5s Guin, Vivica, Lady Lake, Grazul and Ares, Guin is being maxed and Ares/Grazul/LotL are at 2/60 with max SS awaiting mats.

Looking for 1 purple 5 healer (Kunch preferably, or Aeron), Ariel and Delilah and I’m done with healers. Oh and MN and/or Alby is needed in my roster.

Vivica and Grazul.
Grazul because she’s red and you’ve already got purple Rigard and Kunchen, yellow Vivica. Kirill can wait. I’m upgrading Grazul now.

Can anybody write Melendor’s attack-defense-life points at 2-50 and 3-60, please?

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