Which healers to keep?

I see many advice to keep min of 6 healers for AW but which one to keep ? My current list

Melendor - 4/70 ,1/1
Rigard - 4/70
Sabina - 3/60, 3/60, 1/1 (2/3 will be max)
BT- 4/70, 1/1, 1/1
Tarlak -0/40.

No sign of Kiril or costume for any healers yet.

I am thinking 2 of Sabina Mel and BT

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if you don’t have a problem with roster space, I agree, definitely keep 2 each of Sabina, Mel and BT. Sabina and Mel have the same skill, but different colors, so still useful to keep both.

I assume you’re also planning to keep Rigard and Tarlak.

Hope you get Kiril and the costumes soon. I love Mel’s costume, sometimes when I do mono Green, I bring one costumed Mel and one non-costumed Mel for safety.


All healers have their uses. I would say that Melendor and Sabina are pretty squishy until you add emblems though. I have 12 maxed healers currently:

-Vivica (no costume +6 emblems)
-Rigard (with costume +18 emblems)
-Sabina (+20 emblems)
-Sabina (+6 emblems)
-Melendor (with costume +18 emblems)
-Melendor (with costume, no emblems)
-Boldtusk (no costume +19 emblems)
-Kiril (+18 emblems)
-Kiril (no emblems)
-Kiril (no emblems)
-Gadeirus (no emblems)
-Kashhrek (no emblems)

And I’m finishing Brynhild right now. When I had very few 5* heroes, I relied on double healers in war. Truthfully I don’t double up very often anymore except in purple (Jabberwock-Rigard-Domitia-Sartana-Sabina).

Rigard and Melendor are definitely worth working on the costumes. My overall favorite healer (on my roster) is probably Kiril.

Finally drew Boldtusk #2 last week and I’ll be working on him as soon as I finish Brynhild. With only one healer in Yellow and Red currently, I’m eager for more.

I drew Lady Woolerton on my alt account and love her. Wish I had her on my main.

There are some amazing 5* healers but except for Vivica, they’ve all eluded me.

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@MrThala I think you will really like Tarlak. He doesn’t pose much of a challenge as a boss on the World Map, but as an attacking support hero he is pretty awesome. Someday I’ll draw him!

Yes I like Tarak but he needs to wait for some time to lvl up ( I don’t have tonics) . I am working on LJ 4/28 then Brynhild waiting at 3/60 next to be leveled up.

@AdrianW2008 wish you good luck for pulling Tarlak next time.

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Tarlak is useful for titans already at 3/70. (Same role as Wu Kong.)

Keep them all! If you can…

If you don’t have space, then I suppose you can make do with two of each. They’re (sabina and BT) S1 heroes, so it won’t be too long before you see another one if you need a third. Lol.

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I would dismiss one Sabina, a 2nd Rigard will come in the future and fits far better

3rd BT? I am still waiting for the right time to lvl up my 2nd (waiting for half a year now), but he will be done

And if Kiril appears, the 2nd one comes usually short time later, keep’em both


2 of each at least .

I have 8 healers max and still not enought

@MrThala and others based on what we’re learning about Tavern of Legends, if you don’t have at least 10 healers, you’ll need to fight some of the levels without one.


Absolutely keep Rigard. He is a massively useful hero, especially if you get the costume. Melendor and Sabina are excellent for the dispell. I have two of each (3 Rigard btw). All three are superb healers.

BT and Kiril are more useful to me for the buffs, the heal is a bonus.


I think you also want to add Hawkmoon & Belith to your list. Solid 3* heroes.

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Yes I do have them and I felt they r required for events and tournaments so didn’t list them.

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