Looking for roster opinions :)

So, I’m nearing a complete war roster. Not getting as specific as class related quests for emblems, yet. I’m running out of heroes that I actually need to work on, but have a bunch of 4 stars left that I’ve never leveled up before.

I’m looking to max 2, perhaps 3 more healers, not sure which.

I have Sonya, Li Xiu, Gormek, Chao and Tibs all at 3-60… would you use the resources to max any of them?

I can take either Marjana or Khagan to 4-80? Which would you do? I have a few 5 star fast snipers but I don’t know if Khagan is a useful tank.

I have resources to max a yellow and have Ranvir… but meh? Same with Quintos and Grimble…

Scarlett, Gretel, Buddy, Valeria??

Thanks for any advice :slight_smile:

Sonya marjana scarlett valeria buddy gretel all worth maxing

Personally i consider tiburtus worth maxing as well

Sabina is a decent heal with dispel, dispel is not quite as important as cleanse in my opinion but still good to have a variety of both to choose from for wars

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Thanks. You’ve persuaded me on all except Sonya… she seems weak to me when I face her. Do you like her for the enemy buff dispel? Would you choose a second Caedmon over her?

Sumitomo and Ameonna also seem pretty meh, yes?

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Sumi yea not impressed with

Ameonna is good if u need more tile damage on yellow titans but that’s about it(at least that I’ve found)

Sonya is solid. Her damage isnt super but she’s a blue dispel and i cant even count on 1 hand how many red 4*&5* heroes that use buffs so she definitely has her place

Caed is probly the better of the 2 but he’s a different color so better to have both maxed

Are you still using rainbow attack teams or are you color stacking?

Also sonya has a costume that allows her to be a cleanser as well

I color stack for titans
I don’t really have a strategy for my war teams, just kind of go with what I think is best… but, I don’t really ever use more than 2 of the same color.
Ghost girl for yellow titans, noted!

I like Wu, Joon and Jackal on purple titans
BT, Scarlett and Elena on green
My purple lineup is weak
Green is getting there… Evelyn, Caedmon and Melendor
Blue is usually Grimm, Magni and Boril

Is 3 the standard? Or do people stack more against titans?

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Whole thread of vids where you can find effective color stacking from veteran players if interested, probly other informational tidbits there as well

Thanks for that link!

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Soyna is a great offensive hero. I use her a lot in high diamond. With emblems she is durable enough to be a valuable blue team member. Because she is fast she is great for removing defensive buffs before Magni fires.

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