LotL or Mother North

It’s been hard to pick one of these women to give the tonics to. This will be my 2nd max green 5* after Kingston. I’m running a raid defense of Zimkitha Poseidon Ursena Kingston Triton all emblemed and my war defenses are usually pretty similar. I don’t have an Alberich.

I love LotL. She is a monster PvE and at 3/70 is also part of most of my raid offenses. Ursena at +7 has the emblems however and MN would share with no other 5*s except possibly one node for Grazul. Mother is also a more appropriate hero on defense even though she may not be well suited to my current defense specifically. LotL seems better offensively then MN.

Who would you personally max first?

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Not having either I’m not the best source of info.

Personally I’d probably go LotL as I think she’s a better match to my play style.

However, I think the general consensus of the forum is that a wing reviver is prime!

My advice:
Ascend Whichever you will a) get the most use out of and b) suits your play style best.

Seeing as you have Kingston already on your defence team, idk if you’d be looking at putting a second green in… But that may be something to consider too.


Personally - Mother North.

Rez is like booping the RNG on the nose with no penalty


MN she’s a staple on defense and I love her on offense. She can make a weak war team into a strong one with those minions and revive.

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Having used MN and LotL quite a bit, MN by a mile. I have seen her do some amazing things in saving a battle.


Lakey is better imo, but due to Ursl being a Sorcerer, too, Mum should get the final punch for now, but Lakey has to get the next 6 tonics. If you don’t care for 2 Sorcerers, I’d recommend Lakey for the ascension.

I set Lakey on flank beside my Ursl tank to replace Mum on left wing and my def now holds about 50 cups more. Lakey keeps the opponent calm and helps to kill fast, while Mum only heals and has a chance to bring back some fallen. Lakey kicks in earlier and that’s probably more reliant.

That’s a hard decision, since Mum and Lakey are the most powerful healers imo, if not the most powerful heroes of the game at all.


Both are great. I’d probably have the same dilemma.

But probably I would end up taking MN. Resurrection is unique. Mana control/cut can be provided by many heroes. Also green like Hansel.


LotL because… she is just too much beautiful.

I will revive another time, sorry grandma.



And she’s a beast on offence too because you put her in a corner and she revives your snipers. Who wouldn’t want an Ursena with 2 or three lives?

North for me is a game changer.

My green stack has around a 95-97 percent win rate and it’s all because of her.

You’ll find that most everyone who has north or both recommend North. And those who have Lady or neither recommend Lady.

North wins among those who have first hand experience.

And at +15 she can take a hit and burn from Gravy and a strike from Lianna or Seshat and still be standing. She’s bloody hard to finish - which is why I prefer her to Alby…just a little.


Have both and Lakey matches the meta a little more.


But I agree that 7, 10 or even more heroes in a single battle are better than just 5…

Just did the perfect war revenge with both in one team.


Decide, who of em was useful.


I appreciate all the replies. Especially you Olmor I’ve been following your posts throughout the LotL hero thread. I’m probably gonna go for MN first. Breaks my heart a bit as Lady got passed over once already for Kingston which sometimes I second guess, as much as I love the king lol. I suppose I can justify it by LotL being so incredibly good that she doesn’t even need that 4th stripe yet :smile:. Anxious to get MN up and running too of course. I just wonder if she’ll truly end up on virtually every raid offense I put together the way Lady does.

Bleh tonics are too rare in this game. Thanks for the insight once again!

tough decision. i also ascended kingston first with lotl watching. indeed, couple of moments, where i thought i should have done the other way around. chased MN during the month, but only got 2 santa and 3 grimble beside a bunch of rudys and buddys. so, no question for me, but if i would have the choice I would probably go with MN. simply because I had numerous raids, where she literally revived and revived and revived and I did not got her killed as she is incredibly tanky once emblemed and on top casts minions. i do not plan relevant number of pulls anymore for this month (already spent too much on the hunt for victor and evelyn without getting any of them). so yeah, I would also go with MN, although lotl is also fantastic.

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From my experience raiding against them, LotL makes more of a difference than MN if she fires. Why? LotL is often flank, fires earlier and often has three minions appear, each minion is capable to taking your charged hero down to needing another set of tiles. This is somewhat random but there is a 60% chance that any one of your 5 heroes are knocked back, 75% if you are down to four heroes and it gets very ugly if you are badly wounded nearer the end (one hopes you’ve killed at least one of LotL’s neighbors by then but still two or maybe four minions are crushing your mana).
MN tends to be wing, by the time she fires and perhaps revives the enemy you often have specials to fire because you ghosted tiles. If not the enemy revives in a weakened state so just a few tiles does the trick.

That said, I was terribly disappointed last year by summoning Santa rather than MN, this year MN joined and I did a terribly disjointed/uncoordinated dance that would make your eyes bleed. Ecstatic!

I massively underestimated LotL prior to facing her and would be jubilant if she were to deign to join my band of chancers.


Now I’m leaning towards Mum.
Her rezzing is game changing.

All dead except a single Mum also down to 15 HP, but a victory in the end. No hero except Alby and Mum could have won that.

Go LotL since Kingston is on your defense.

I don’t have MN but I have Alby and Kingston. Kingston+7 is doing better than Alby+14 on my defense.

Ok – I have LoL, got her and BK as gimmes - I tend to dump out freebies on Avalon …and Gwen still treats me like the hot girl from High School…

use Alby as my primary green – also have Tarlak for Titans

Kingston is down there --my greens/ fighters were fully formed

I understand the mechanics, like that she fires at the end of turn – and I get Mana control; have most of them

I was going to do Locke next – speed, cleanse, tile damage, part term use and a sorcerer — plus since they dropped her to 4 turns she partners really well with Hel/Proteus ( I like to fire Hel 1-2 ticks later… so the cooties really dig in there, and you still can’t heal for 1-2 turns afterwards)

Help me understand the Jesus factor on LotL – I like her a lot; but slow with no cleanse is felt… my list, as is, is : Locke, LotL, Kingston, Celebrate New Years - 2023, some carcass off the pile of discards, take my hoverboard out for a spin, etc

She’s great - but Rez is something you knock women and children of the way for and get stuck looking at mall santa art all year to own :slight_smile:

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20 granny characters!

I’m gonna say LotL over MN, but it doesn’t discount MN at all. But if LotL fires then the MNs you face won’t be able to serve any porridge :slight_smile:

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Careful now, you’re in danger of being seduced to the Nature side by @Olmor :wink:

Take it from someone who’s already fallen. Inspired by those mono green teams welding dual revivers I decided I would put together a similar green mono team to test Alby and MN side-by-side at 3-70 to determine based on performance which I would Tonic first. However now is not the time for who won that duel but suffice to say the mono-green team didn’t stop after the tonics were drank. That green mono-team of twin rezzers (with just a couple tweaks) then became my go-to team for when I was feeling lazy/in a rush with raids but then there are only so many lazy days one can have before one has to accept they’ve been seduced by the Nature side…

Joking aside for the moment you’ve a very decent selection of Nature heroes there that synergise well with each other.
Now on the topic of LotL I posted my prediction for her performance at the time of her release that I think mostly still stands up based on videos and reviews from those that have her that I’ve seen with perhaps slightly better defensive performance than anticipated that might be of help: 👑 Knights of Avalon: Lady of the Lake – Thoughts & Discussion

It should be added to LotL notes on synergy with other green healers that in the case of upcoming Telluria (assuming the following skills remain) that Telluria’s minions provide further protection to LotL’s mana cutting minions whose cuts are more devastating to heroes affected by Telluria’s negative mana gen.

But anyway LotL’s mana cuts severely reduces the amount of incoming damage by reducing the number of enemy specials incoming that I really want to see how well my green mono lazy team holds up with either of the two rezzers replaced by her. In terms of your other nature heroes her mana cutting minions can prevent the enemy cleanser charging and removing Locke’s DoT or prevent the enemy dispeller dispelling Alby’s mana regen (which also allows LotL to fire of more minions sooner) and each hit from the minions on a hero affected by Kingston has their attack lowered more – she synergizes well with many of the heroes you have.

However in your current situation with 2 green healers already powered (Alby and Tarlak) it is totally understandable that a damage dealer may be what the roster needs more urgently especially if you’ve a few mana controllers already. Both Locke and Kingston make great choices and I’ll be honest if there was one thing my green mono team feels like it misses sometimes (My mono green lazy team currently: Alby, Evelyn, Kingston, Hansel+20, MN) it is a cleanse and I have toyed with the idea of trying out Locke in there as I found she surpassed expectations elsewhere. It is currently less of an issue now as with Kingston in the middle it doesn’t matter where a defending GM targets he can only burn 2 heroes now and with the rezzers on opposite wings their reviving gives extra cover however naturally if you’re running just one rezzer a cleanse becomes more important.

Whichever the order you decide to power them up in the end I personally would say that in your shoes I would finish powering the three of them before moving on to most other greens you might pick up later.

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Rezzing is more powerful in the long run, but not very defensive. A good defense kills fast and doesn’t need to revive. Ressurection can save your back on attacks and hard boss fights.


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