Who to LB - C. LoTL, C. Mother North or Quenell?

Finally got enough 5* green aethers to LB a hero but can’t decide which one. I’m learning towards C. MN only because she currently sits on my defence team but there might be positives to doing one of the other two (which I will use extensively in tournaments/wars). Quenell is still waiting on tonics but I’m not in a hurry if he’s the better choice. Please vote!

  • C. LoTL
  • C. Mother North
  • Quenell

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Thanks for voting guys, Quenell seems to be the clear winner! However, upon further thought I’ve decided I’ll probably go with C. MN as I only just realised I have 0 tonics right now so by the time I get 6 more tonics I’d hopefully have gotten more aethers to get close to another green LB. As long as C. MN is still a good candidate and it seems like she is (33% of votes)

Mother North is a great hero to LB the reason i voted quenell is she is just extremely powerful hit 3 hero that can be used in every aspect of the game and is fast speed.

If you haven’t even fully ascended quenell but you have MN then you can prob make that gamble that you mentioned above.

Really can’t make a bad decision


I’ve only just seen this thread so I haven’t voted, but my thoughts are that MN on defence needs the extra beef far more than recently released Quenell with her modern stats and hard hit. She should be fine until you do get those tonics and next round of aethers. It’s not just about who is “the best” but also about who would benefit most from the extra levels.

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