Mother North or Ariel

So i have an issue i grabbed MN from SE while i still had an unleveled Ariel in roster but im slowly leveling both now. I have around 1300 cleric emblems.

Wondering who to give em to when i get there.
Ariel; mana gen and cleanse with a decent heal.
MN; res. Slight heal.

Ariel; dated hero not the greatest def/health stats
MN; SLOW makes skadi food.

My def team has xnol who would pair greatly with Ariel.

  • Ariel
  • Mother North

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If you were asking who to give mats, I would say mother north since reviver is one of a kind feature.
But for emblems, Ariel will profit more, since Mother north is tanky enough on her own :slight_smile:


I have plenty of mats.

I think overall Ariel is more useful. MN has the revive but the quick charge speed and mana boost leans me towards Ariel.



Wow split virtually down the middle. I would go MN because there’s more versatility there. She pairs very well on defense as a wing using Xnol tank.

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I have both and find Ariel gets used far more with my playstyle. Neither of them are on my standard defence team. I might use MN in Rush but I always pair her with another healer when I do that and I do love a cleanser, so Ariel gets my vote

Game Well :sunglasses:


I think Ariel is widely usable. I’d invest in her first. I don’t think she’s that dated, she works awesomely.


For me, the SE choice on these two came down to that I’d probably use Ariel a lot more on offense than MN — don’t get me wrong, I hate hate HATE hate hate HATE facing MN in defenses (especially in wars /W3K), but with limited choices, I lean toward the hero I’m more likely to actively use (and who is still no slouch on defense) rather than one I’d primarily use on defense :man_shrugging:


I’d like to think you’d use Ariel more than MN on OFFENSE so my vote goes to Ariel

Ariel is better everywhere but rush…even then you may need a cleanse! Go Ariel for utility

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Yea i have been leaning towards Ariel. Think her an xnol will be awesome together. I do have other cleanses prof, kunchen, viv. But mostly use viv as c variant.

Ariel for me too, would be used more often :blue_heart:

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I’m very much an Ariel fan. I don’t think her defense stats are bad at all.
Ariel LB +20 is roughly 940 Def and 1500 Health
MN LB +20 is roughly 1000 Def and 1700 Health


Dont have aethers Atm one only seem to get them from the quests.

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