Who Deserves Cleric Emblems the Most?

I have 3 fantastic 5* healers who sadly all use cleric emblems.

Between Vivica (with costume), Ariel, and Mother North, who would be the most deserving of emblems?

I rarely use Vivica in my war defense (only for rush wars and if we are using yellow tanks). However, she is a staple whenever I am running Yellow on offense. And she is a critical component of my purple titan team. And as the only yellow dispeller, she is pretty unique.

Ariel is currently my most used healer in my war defense. She is also my go to blue healer on offense since her cleanse and mana boost are very useful. I do not yet have a lv 23 mana troop for her and it will be a while before I do.

Mother North is not yet maxed, but on war defenses, I typically find her more threatening than Ariel. She would also replace Costumed Melendor as my primary green healer. However, she is naturally the bulkiest of the 3.

I intend to raise all 3 to +6 or +7 for the 4 nodes of stat boosts (Vivica and Ariel are already there), but intend to take the third one to +18 (or +19 for Vivica) before coming back to level the others.

Thank you!

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This typically answers your question. As a general rule, you try to emblem highly or fully a hero set on defense. This theory is more applicable especially when said defensive hero is also being used on offense.

If MN is going to be in your defense soon, my answer to the previous quote on you will be applied. Again, if a hero is placed on defense, you will want that hero to be fully or highly emblemed. I also have MN just recently pulled early this month. She will be powerleveled once I max my 4/60ish Greg. MoNo will be serving as my safety net on my second monogreen team for war, similarly set up from my primary monogreen team in war with Alberich+19 in it. Try minimizing sharing emblems to several heroes, especially if that hero is mostly in your defense and being used usually for offense when the circumstances warrant such hero usage.

If she is barely used, then dont place emblems on her. Lucky for you able to get her costume. My Vivica obtained in 2018 has been languishing at 3/70 (with darts bypassing her in favor of Drake Fong, Poseidon, Onatel, Joon and costume, Rana and 2 G.Gazelles) even if I am currently sitting on 20 darts. Her healing function is currently being delegated to Lady Woolerton+18 and 3 Gullinburstis, the latter as the better choice because even if the pigs are as slow as Vivica, at least I save ascension mats until I get Viv’s costume or for other better yellow legendaries, i.e. Odin, etc.

But that is just my opinion. At the end of the day, you are the one playing on your characters. Trust your gut feeling only after studying the heroes you have, including the troops, as well as after seeking suggestions from fellow players in your alliance and even here in the forum.

Good luck !!


If none of them are going to be permanent fixtures of you defense, I’d do Ariel. The quicker charge speed and mana boost is huge.


All of them are good for emblems. Unfortunately all of them need huge amount of emblems. (
Ultra said good points for Ari and MN. One good point for Vi - on 20th emblems in costume she will be charged by 3 + 3 on Fast war and tournament even without mana troops. So when you get opportunity - max her too. )

if you don’t have any rigards emblemed, he would be my first choice

i know he’s not listed but still…


I actually do have a Costumed Rigard maxed and emblemed. He is my go to purple healer.

I would give Rigard.C+17 and focus on def/hp on costume path.
EDIT: oh well, you edited he is already emblemed :+1:

Then I think Ariel is next.
I already have 2nd Rigard+18 focus def/hp on original path, but I would plan to reset him, because I think unmbelemed Rigard is also decent for my 2nd war team which is also rarely used, because I also give emblem Lady Wolly for pair Poseidon.


maxed 3 myself, emblemed 2 until 3rd purp team is ready to go though may go ahead and emblem the 3rd for vfast wars

out of your options i would go whoever you use the most vs your toughest war opponents

but that’s just me. i have my “best teams” I’m most confident in vs war opponents top teams then pick softer targets as i go to my next teams. i want my best teams to be the most consistent as they’ll be takin on toughest opponents so that’s where i would prioritize. landing at least 3 1 shots per war is my main goal though, anything more than that is doable but i consider it a bonus and expecting 80-100% 1 shot rating per war is a bit unrealistic

This is an interesting approach. Since I am (or perhaps was? I will know more after our first war after merging) one of the stronger members of my alliance, I am typically going after the strongest enemy teams for all my hits. And since I started tracking, I have used both Vivica and Ariel in all wars (though Ariel has 1 more win).

It may be worth collecting more data post-merge and once MN is maxed to see who will make best use of the emblems.

Thank you for the suggestions!

Vivica was actually emblemed before I had Ariel or MN. While she hasn’t gotten any emblems since, I am reluctant to reset her since I do use her quite often (though not so much on defense).

Once I got Ariel, I figured she would be a mainstay on my defense with Zeline being the green hero. But now with MN, in the mix, I have another option and could build a more offensive center for my defense since I won’t have a healer flank.

Thank you!

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Therein lies the issue. Vivica probably won’t be on my war defense.

However, the other two might. I would just have to build around them.

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If Vivica was emblemed already, and you use her quite often, there’s no real reason to reset her, I don’t think.

Note that I’m not a player who goes for high scores in events or anything, but I do well enough in war/raid, that I think you should keep her emblemed as is, especially since she’s costumed, which means double use for Trials.

I do like splashing the first emblem tiers on heroes just to get the power unlocked, especially if it’s a good power. My thought process on this is that I feel that there are no “permanent” heroes on any team. My alliance will change tank colors, so who I want on a defense team changes. Also, I’m not a spender, so I have more limited hero options than many, but plenty of emblems relative to my high-end hero count.

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I would emblem Ariel. She’s great in all offensive formations (eg 3-2, 4-1, mono). Or multiple C.Rigards like other have mentioned. It depends on how many Cleric emblems you’re sitting on.

If your alliance doesn’t run green tanks in rush war, MN could be a good left wing on defense. However, don’t use both C.Viv and MN in rush war defense.

There is no other choice but Ariel.

She is the 100% best healer in the entire game, CAN tank in a pinch, boosts mana and has really solid tile damage.

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