Ariel or Mother North

They are the same class. A class with too many excellent heroes and not enough emblems.

I’m tanking Heimdall. I have Alby. Still. MN is a force to be reckoned with.

If Ariel is +14 should I strip, beef up MN, and add what’s left back to Ariel?

When I hear you say you have Alby and Heimdall, it makes me wonder how much value MN will add?

If I had to pick one it would be a toss up, but if I already have the other two revivers, I wouldn’t be as excited for MN, even though I know her value as a reviver is better.

We could use more information on how much you’re using Ariel right now, how your use of each will change if you swapped emblems, do you go mono or not, and what other blue heroes you use.

TLDR: Ariel

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Ariel’s mana generation special stacks with Ablerich’s mana generation special, as they have different icons. I have lost to this combo in a war once.

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Ariel is a constant in my raiding teams and on raid and war defense. Though I’ve been experimenting with one healer (Heimdall tank) instead of two (Heimdall tank, Ariel flank).

I know Alby and Heimy are good but MN is SUCH a pain.

I’d still be able to use Ariel of course, but MN’s minions do better if she is emblemed and has more HP.

It seems silly since I’m talking about three slow healers vs an average healer…but I’m stuck. So I’ve consulted the forum. Ha!

My practice is, to fully or highly emblem the hero being used in defense. If none are on the defense, then distribute those emblems to various heroes according to the hero usage. Example: I see Finley as the best ranger in the game and is good not only on defense, but also on offense. Regrettably, I don’t have him. So my ranger emblems are distributed to several of my ranger heroes, i.e. Evelyn, Lianna with MCB, Athena, Seshat, Tiburtus with MCB, Buddy, etc.

I dont have Heimdall. But I have Albe+19. I also have recently acquired earlier this month my first christmas hero since playing in May 2018. Took me 3 xmases before pulling her. I am leveling my MN as I feed all 2* heroes and higher to her. Still a few weeks to go. She will be serving as my safety net on my 2nd monogreen team with almost a similar set up to my first monogreen with Albe in it, with each team having Eve (one is maxed and emblemed while the other is at 3/70; wish I could get Almur soon as I cant get myself to invest tonics on 2nd Eve while knowing there is already a 4* green hero that also hit and debuff elemental defense to 3), Lianna with MCB, Hansel, etc. MN already has a beefy base stat and her heal is immediate, not like Albe’s HoT.

I also have Ariel, but since she is not on my defense, I set her to only at +7. She is already beefy enough with over 800 defense stat. As far as I know, there is no necessity getting heroes to highly emblemed or fully emblemed, unless you want it for bragging rights and increase the team power of your defense. I find it fit to have more practical uses than cosmetic ones.


I would choose mother north. A hero that I use now and I’m satisfied with

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