Mother north or ariel: who gets the emblems?

Hi guys,
I have both mother north (maxed) and ariel 3/70…
For now I gave the emblems to MN, but I don’t know if I should reset and give them to ariel once she is maxed. Any advice/suggestions?

Mom is the most powerful hero of the game.

I’d try to bring both to 4 and give further emblems to the one in defense or the one who I use more.


It has to be Mother North … 100%

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Thanks…another question…would you still bring ariel to 4/80 or level Frida, considering I have MN?

Mother North no doubt about it.

Really would need to know what you have to be able to say.

I think Ariel is the better card for how I use them, but I wouldn’t reset the emblems on MN for her. I’d just start Ariel. Again, in my situation.

Yes Ariel before Freda

I have only misandra maxed at the moment

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