Mother North, Gregorian, or wait (already have Alberich and Telluria)

Given my other 5* greens would you finish up Mother North or Gregorian, or wait?
Kadilen 3.70 (no costume)
Elkanen 3.70 (no costume)
Horghall 2.60 (no costume)
and 6 Mystic Tonics.

I’m F2P so it’s a commitment for the tonics (~6months to replenish).

I have the same number of emblems for Cleric and Ranger (a few over 400).

Thanks for your thoughts!

Rambles on my indecision:

I’m really missing a good green sniper so pushing Gregorian is attractive, but would I continue using him after I pull Lianna (though I may never) and promote her (after the long tonic wait).

If I didn’t have Alberich I’d be over the moon to have Mother North, but I’m not sure that she’s that much better on offense then Alby or on defense than Telluria (other than rush wars maybe)?

If I ever get Kadilen’s costume, I’d drive that immediately. Should I just wait?

4* greens:
Caedmon.20, Caedmon.0
Little John.20, Little John.0 (with costume)
Melandor.7 x 2 (with costume)

I would recommend not stressing out… you have 3 solid options (MN, Greg, wait).

MN is still significant. if you enjoy alliance wars, you see her with real frequency as left wing. she makes an impact on alliance war defenses for sure. She is always a welcome addition to rosters.

Gregorian is interesting with his critical attack boost. He isn’t a stand out hero, and often lianna is the popular choice to ascend first. but I have never heard anyone complain about having a Gregorian, and players seem to use him with frequency… especially for titans.

Have fun choosing~ All 3 options are good and you will be happy in different ways (like choosing apples and oranges … but hey you got good fruit there!)


Amendment: I misread earlier. If you have alberich, I would go w Gregorian. Or wait for Lianna if that’s who you prefer,

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Give Gregorio the tonics. He is great with 8 level of emblems and manna troop he is even quick with being loaded with 9 tiles. For Titans he is awesome.

If you pull Lianna later, I played him and Lianna for long time with Evelyn this is a strong green 3 stack. Maybe you have Almur which is also a great choice, if you do not have Evelyn.

In meantime I got Kingston and Gregorion is now in my second green stack, but I still use him for every blue Titan.


Mother north is obviously better, but Greg deserves the tonics. You have Alby who heals and revives. you do not have a grenn sniper and greg is super valuable on titans. That’s what I would do personally.

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Don’t wait! Level up Greg! Waiting in this game is frustrating and cost a lot of money!

For F2P, waiting costs nothing and rushing can squander quite a bit of time. (someone in Reddit once posted that the point of this game was to teach us the value of delayed gratification:)

I’ll see what season 4 has to offer and then push Gregorian. Thanks for all the advice!

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This is probably a good choice as S4 looks to have 2 green 5* snipers

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Pulled Azar. Sigh.

Gregorian gets the tonics.

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Not amazing, but not bad ?

I’ve been happy with Gregorian as a good green sniper. The crits when I do mono green teams are pretty devastating :slight_smile:

I would still like a Liana, but so far have no regrets taking Gregorian through

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Not too many heroes boost crit in this game.

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