Morgan Le Faye, Bertila or Francine?

Finally have tonics to ascend one and having a difficult time deciding which would be best . Had been set on Morgan but then pulled Francine . And along came Bertila making the choice even harder .
Would appreciate the help .

Who are you tanking?

Francine makes an excellent flank.

At the moment, BT w/c +20

I don’t have many maxed 5s . Main team is Sabina , Li Xiui C, BT C, Liana C +8 and Grimm C. All 4s are + 20 emblems .

Francine. She is fast and damages target and nearby, not to mention, her recurring cleanse. Level her. Ascend her. Max her. Emblem her. You’ll love her.

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Much appreciate the input.

Another vote for Francine. Her skill is unique.

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Also voting for Francine. Definitely best of the three.

Morgan requires a huge buff that’s for now nowhere to be seen, and Bertila is very situational, to a point where ascending one doesn’t make much sense… She shines on fast tournaments and attacks against specific teams with at least 2-3 attack/defense debuffers where you take a healer that is not a cleanser. That’s a lot of “ifs”. Francine is perfect at dispelling under any circumstances, is fast and also deals a good chunk of damage. Not even a contest.

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Also voting Francine, though I am biased as I have her. Having said that, her 3-turn cleanse makes her especially great against status heavy teams… and the timing of her firing becomes less critical, as you know she will cleanse for 3 turns :slight_smile:

I’m also jumping on the vote for Francine. One thing i noticed, back when BK was flanked with greens, I didn’t see anyone running Francine and Zeline together. Both deal extra damage to Ice heroes. That would have slowed the enemy down a bit

Then it’s Francine for the win . :laughing:

Thank you and will update when she’s maxed.

Have Bertila, think she is a decent tank, i would take francine as she is a faster hero.

I have Bertila at 3/70 and will likely max her when the tonics come my way again .

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