Francine in my defence team

Curently Francine does not have any talents but i could give her 14 lvl talents if i take it away from Marjana. You guys think i should put Francine in my defence team? If so who should be replaced by her? My guess is Mitsuko or Misandra.

Noooooo, do not put 2 greens side by side especially up front - if anything put her at tank - i can see her being annoying there

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@KingKurtice thanks for reply. :slight_smile:. I know that 2 of the same colour cant be next to each other. Question is who should i replace and in what order one should place them in defence?

I dont think that Francine is better than Heimdall on defense :thinking: its hard to me to see Francine other than flanking a red tank. Am i wrong?

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I was thinking about Francine, Seshat, Heimdal, Misandra, Drake Fong? But im not convinced it is a good idea.

Nah…you wouldn’t want Francine on the wing and she’d have to be with Heimdall as your tank. Hard pass on Francine here.

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I don’t really see Francine being a great defense hero. She doesn’t really hit that hard and if you’re tanking w/ Heimdall, I don’t think double green on defense is a good idea.

I’ve seen defenses with BK tank, flanked by Zeline and Francine on either side (who both do extra dmg to blue) to discourage attackers from blue stacks, but I think that makes the defense really vulnerable to red stacks. I can usually take out those teams relatively easily with Malosi + 4 reds.


My green 5* are Kadilen, Heimdall. I managed to pull 2x Francine. Almost finish maxing first Francine. Been planing to max second one. But it is just like you said @B1gHeadAss she does not make much damage. Even though she has realy high tile damage. Tonics are not an issue had 25 before Francine pulls. Do you guys think maxing second one is a good idea?

Yes if you don’t have better options. I wouldn’t use them on the same war team tho. I think you can have two war teams both with Francine for cleanse.

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