Morgan or Lianna?

With the tonic quest today, I can finally ascend my 3rd green 5 star.

I was considering Morgan for that all the way. Still leaning toward her. But decided to bounce that idea off the forums, just for reconfirmation.

Basically I only have Morgan and Lianna on 3.70. Other options at hand are 2 Evelyns, Kadilen, Elkanen, Horghall.

I already have 1 maxed Evelyn and 1 maxed Zeline, who are also both in my def squad (Zeline is also on the war rainbow squad). Kunchen tanking for me, so not looking for a def hero basically.

I run offense in 3+1+1 or 3+2, my green trio is now Eve - Zeline - Hensel, and if I ever take off color green, that’s always Zeline. Would probably look to replace Hensel with whoever I ascend now.

Also, Eve taking my ranger emblems. No one to take sorcerer emblems for now, which also leans me toward Morgan.

Anyone having both to opine? Appreciated :wink:

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Lianna without a doubt. I personally want Morgan, but Lianna comes 1st. What you see with Eve + Hansel is so much better with Eve + Lianna.


Lianna. She will be in sync with evelyn.

Morgan can wait


Here are the scenario;

  1. Morgan Le Fay - She shoot the victim close to the heart, the doctor come and able to saved the victim.
  2. Lianna - She shoot the victim right in the head. And the undertaker get the rest done.

No one will hire a killer like Morgan…lol.


Thanks guys, but:

Lianna - emblems naked. Eve takes all. Morgana I can take all the way to +9 immediately after maxing. With attack path she’s going to get around 770 attack vs 729 of Lianna’s. Besides, I do take Magni on these raids to finish off whoever survives Evelyn + Zeline.

Also, we know there’s good green sniper right around the corner. Will Lianna still be viable after Kingston? Or will she just stand in his shadow forever since?

I don’t know the numbers, but I think Lianna will continue her reign as the best overall sniper and there’s no guarantee you get Kingston.

If you’re looking to improve your war defense go with Morgan, I guess. Anything else, Lianna.

I am in a similar situation.
I just got my 6th tonic from Shrikewood, and I have Lianna waiting at 3/70 to drink them (I also have Eve and Elk maxed and Margaret at 3/70)

I know Lianna would improve my defence team. I know I should give her those tonics NOW!

But … its only 4 weeks till Kingston will make his appearance and I have 15 EHT’s saved. And I stay happily in Diamond anyway with my current defence.

Decisions, decisions

Morgan with 9 nodes of emblems is pretty nasty on War defense ( it’s what I have ). I obviously use her in hits as well but the main use is A defence green for the corner. So, if you can for her in on D then I’d choose Morgan if you want the tonics for raiding/offence mostly I’d go with Lianna.

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Try using a 4-1 green offense for blue tanks, it’s what I use.

Evelyn, Caedmon+18, Lianna, Hansel (and usually Rigard for those Gravemaker flanks). All matched mana speed and Hansel for mana control.

I think my next tonics will go to Elkanen and he will replace Caedmon, unless fighting Aegir and other super buffers

To get slightly back on topic, as others have said, Lianna is the hardest hitter in the game. With Evelyns debuff active she one shots most five stars (exceptions being Kunchen and a few others), and sometimes you have to give another kick with Hansel etc. But, doing over 1000 damage, which she usually does, is very very nice to have.

I also have Morgan at 3/70 but she is waiting. As she doesn’t do direct damage the debuff doesn’t help her, and I have one Evelyn at 4/80 and one at 3/70, and the synergy with other fast hitters like Lianna, Caedmon and Elk is very nice.

To me having Evelyn pushes this question in favour of Lianna

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I raid 3/2 and use Eve Lianna and Hansel most of the time… since you’re keeping zel on D I’d max Lianna.

I agree with everyone who has posted that, in terms of game play efficacy, Lianna is the superior pick.

However, I’m going to suggest Morgan le Fay. From reading your posts it seems you strongly favor her (because she’s fun / interesting / different / cool or whatever). It sounds like you’ll have more fun knowing you have a maxed Morgan and using her. I think that is a valid basis for making a decision, particularly one in a game that is supposed to be enjoyable.

I also do find the emblem argument to be a sound one. Morgan can take your unclaimed sorcerer emblems, whereas Ranger is already spoken for by Evelyn. Totally valid.


Having just got lianna and pushing her to max in 2 weeks I’m loving her. But I think Morgan gets a bad rap. The dot can’t be dispelled as long as she’s alive. Like others said Lianna is the logical choice but Morgan isn’t bad and on wing she can be nasty. I fought against her in a raid in diamond and finished everyone but her and had 4 heroes left. The board went south and she took 2 more down before I finished her. With emblems she’ll be nasty. I would love her myself or any Avalon hero but Lancelot. I have mitsuko as sorcerer but I would still love Morgan. Lianna is the girl you marry, the logical choice, Morgan is the fun girl you date before settling down. Have some fun…lol.


I dont have either of those heroes. But man do I hate facing Lianna in raids. That 500+% damage one shots my squishier 5 star heroes for sure.

Exactly! She can one shot a 9xxp target. While Morgan doT can’t be dispelled, a healer will get the job done and the target usually survived until the end of the turn and plotting a revenge.


I don’t have Morgan nor do I have plans chasing her. Based on paper, she seems to be almost an immortal.

IMHO, I would rather bring with me in raid and in wars Evelyn + Lianna instead of Evelyn + Morgan. Lianna ensures enemy hero death, or close to it. Morgan only severely weaken one enemy hero until dead or the cast broken due to Morgan’s death. I’d rather have a dead enemy at hand brought about by Lianna coz the dead ones don’t do nothing, than a dying one brought about by Morgan which may still pose some threat (use offensive damaging skills or buffs allies or debuffs enemies or damage cause by their normal slash attacks) or can be healed or escape Morgan’s curse by killing Morgan herself. Defensively, Morgan is monitored and easily becomes the target to sniping once her mana is close to full.

I have both Lianna and Morgan, so without doubt I’d choose Lianna. I’d choose even a second Lianna over Morgan. Evelyn + Lianna - they do wonders.

I saw enemy Morgan failing to bite my Wilbur because of the Monk talent - that was really hilarious. That’s why my Morgan stays at 3/70.

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I’ve had great success using mlf and say pro or hel or Hansel… enemy can’t gain mana and morgan just drains the life away.

I have both of them maxed and enjoy each of them but Lianna is the one I wouldn’t leave on the bench, Morgan finds herself there a decent amount… she might be great on defense in field aid wars but she’s about equally bad there on offense as she has a hard time finishing folks off … with emblems in play, I have found a new use for her though, and that’s for corner rouges, where she’s been quite nice when I get nervous to fire liana and potentially miss, but as someone else mentioned… could be completely worthless vs monks. Anyway, I feel Lianna is reliable, where Morgan struggles vs defenses with heal… so that’s the way I’d go personally. Good luck.


I have both Lianna and Morgan maxed. Lianna with all my ranger emblems to class level 9. I just started giving Morgan emblems after I got Sabina to CL 20. I pretty much only use Morgan in alliance wars at the moment. Lianna I use with Evelyn and Albie in my green stack raiding team and she is fierce. She’s also on my rainbow defense squad along with Misandra, Onatel, Ares and Kunch.

I prefer Lianna for now. Just more consistent and versatile. I use her all the time. Maybe I’ll get there with Morgan eventually…she’s a great hero.

Your situation? I might go Morgan if you have all those emblems ready for her. It’s a tough call.

Thanks for everyone’s advices, you all convinced me that Lianna is a better hero overall.

I still went with Morgan though. With emblems and troops she deals around 900 dmg over 4 turns. I fire her on the wings and can forget that they exist when I am finishing the rest. Fun to watch people vaporize. I get that Lianna would simply kill them off in turn 1, but that’s dull. And she’s very hard to kill. Almost always survives till the end of match, full hp most of the time. And she laughs about Aegirs, the ripostes etc.

My real main argument though was the sorcerer emblems. With attack buffed, I can place Morgan in my titan squad as she surpasses my other greens. I’ll play around her on my war squad too (although not sure if anyone can beat emblemmed Zeline on defense…). Overall happy with my decision.


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